- - Turn Your Bike Into a Snow-Going Electric Bike with the ENVO SnowBike Kit

Turn Your Bike Into a Snow-Going Electric Bike with the ENVO SnowBike Kit

The Canadian brand ENVO has launched a new kit aptly called the ENVO SnowBike that can turn any MTB into a snow-going eBike.

To accomplish this, the rear wheel is replaced by what ENVO calls an aluminum “bogie unit”, which features a snowmobile-like lugged rubber/Kevlar tread with polyethylene rollers that’s powered by a robust 1,200-watt rear hub-type motor with a 48V/17.5-Ah lithium-ion battery pack.

From there, a crank-mounted sensor detects when the rider is pedaling, which in turn signals the motor when to kick-in. However, the rider can also activate the motor without pedaling via a handlebar-mounted thumb throttle switch, while an LCD control panel displays such data as the level of assistance, current speed and battery charge level.

Additionally, for deep-snow conditions, the kit is available with an optional snowboard that replaces the front wheel.

According to ENVO, the kit is capable to delivering a top speed of 11 mph (18 km/h) with a range of about 6 miles (10 km), or roughly 2 hours of use on an 8-hour charge. 

The ENVO SnowBike Kit sells for approximately $2,145 ( CAD$2,789), which doesn’t include the battery that costs an additional $688 (CAD$895).

For those who want the full package, ENVO also offers a complete version called the Flex Electric Snowbike, which retails for $4,229.00.

However, all of this fun in the snow comes with a caveat from ENVO:

This is a DIY product preliminary launch for early adopters. This concept has gone through all major engineering, prototyping, limited production, testing, revisions, and approval to be released for marketing. However, there might be multiple unknown failure scenarios in the actual use of this product as mobility means in various terrains which are assumed the risk by the users. That means the buyer, assembler and users must be mechanically inclined and fully understand the product details and instructions as well as all probable risks of using. DIY installation on a wide range of bicycles requires a creative and a technical mind. Failure to a proper installation may cause serious damage to the bike and or hazard of severe injuries. The buyer assumes the liability for the safe installation and use of this product by signing the Liability Waiver. Before ordering, if you have any questions or need further details, do not hesitate to contact us.




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