- - TwoNav Introduces New Roc Cycling Computer

TwoNav Introduces New Roc Cycling Computer

TwoNav has introduced its latest cycling confuter dubbed the Roc, which the Spanish brand claims is “the smallest GPS with the most advanced mapping on the market.” This device offers a range of features, including Ordnance Survey topographic maps, TomTom roadmaps and the ability to connect to Bluetooth sensors.

“The wait is over: TwoNav presents its latest gem, ROC, a GPS that redefines the way adventurers explore the world. More than just a navigation device, ROC is an unrivaled travel companion, designed for adventurous cyclists and nature lovers who want to explore without limits. But what makes the ROC so special? Let me guide you through the features and benefits that make this GPS the ultimate choice for all your outdoor trips,” boasts TwoNav.

The standout feature of the Roc is its mapping capabilities, providing access to Ordnance Survey maps of Britain, OpenStreetMap and a 3D relief map of Western Europe. Moreover, in the UK, users can install topographic maps and a TomTom roadmap of the UK and Ireland. TwoNav emphasizes the ability to merge these maps to get a clear and accurate view of the surroundings

Additionally, the Roc offers a variety of navigation tools such as digital road-books that can provide riders with step by step with directions, alerts, photos and videos. The device also provides real-time information to ensure users stay on the right track throughout their journey.

“Imagine having an expert guide in your pocket, ready to take you step by step through the most intricate trails. TwoNav digital roadbooks do just that. They guide you, avoiding wrong turns and providing real-time information to keep your route on the right path. Do you need to know what the next step is? With ROC, you’ll easily view directions, prompts, rich photos or videos as you go. It’s error-free browsing taken to the next level,” says TwoNav.

TwoNav highlights the Roc’s accuracy and reliability, allowing cyclists to venture into stunning landscapes with confidence, offering detailed GPS information regarding terrain, including relief and shortcuts.

Regarding size, the TwoNav Roc measures 58 x 90 x 20mm, slightly larger than Garmin’s Edge 540. However, TwoNav emphasizes that its mapping capabilities make the Roc stand out as the smallest GPS with advanced mapping.

In addition to mapping, the Roc functions as a bike computer, displaying various metrics such as ride distance, duration, speed, and ascent/descent. It can track over 200 performance fields and connect to external devices via Bluetooth, including heart rate and cadence monitors. 

The Roc can also be synced with a smartphone to receive notifications and calls. TwoNav’s SeeMe function allows users to broadcast their real-time position for safety purposes. Emergency notifications can also be sent to designated contacts.

The Roc features a 2.7-inch touchscreen made from Gorilla Glass, designed to withstand impacts, with IP68 certification for water and dust resistance. TwoNav claims a battery life of approximately 18 hours in normal use.

“ROC is not just a GPS; It is a technological arsenal in your hands. It offers an autonomy of up to 18 hours of normal use, allowing you to plan activities for several days with complete peace of mind. With its GNSS geolocation chip that combines the 4 satellite constellations (GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou) and its AGPS system, you will have fast and precise positioning anywhere. Additionally, its 5G Wi-Fi and dual Bluetooth connectivity allows you to effortlessly transfer routes and maps, receive real-time notifications, and share your experiences with other adventurers,” TwoNav points out.

The TwoNav Roc will be available for pre-sale starting on October 16th, which will sell for price of €399 (approximately $420).




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