- - Veloflex Introduces New Tubeless-Ready Corsa Evo TLR and Corsa Race TLR Tires

Veloflex Introduces New Tubeless-Ready Corsa Evo TLR and Corsa Race TLR Tires

Supple and handmade are two words that generally don’t go together when describing tubeless-ready tires. In fact, given the robust carcass that’s needed to support the low-pressure requirements of tubeless tires, they can sometimes feel harsh – especially when used with inner tubes.

Yes, as odd at it might seem, some cyclists do use inner tubes in conjunction with tubeless wheel/tire set-ups.

However, Veloflex has introduced two new tires called the Corsa Evo TLR and Corsa Race TLR, which seek to add more compliance to the tubeless-ready segment thanks to a new cotton casing that comprises no fewer than 350 threads per inch. Moreover, the tires also incorporate a new “air-lock membrane” and “latex coating” that are designed to minimize air pressure and sealant loss respectively.

Additionally, Veloflex says it used an “ultralight non-extendable Zylon bead” for the Corsa Race TLR tire, which will only be available is 25mm. On the other hand, the Corsa Evo TLR is offered in a 28mm width for increased comfort on rough roads, while both models are available with either black or tan sidewalls.

Also, both tires feature the brand’s “resilient kinetic belt” puncture protection that relies on a “belt of extremely tenacious yarn” that runs under the rubber compound for added strength.

Lastly, both the Corsa Race TLR and Corso Evo TLR are available in clincher versions as well, while Veloflex will continue to offer its ProTour, ProTour Race and Record TT tubulars for the crowd of “sew-up” adherents. 




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