- - Vittoria Unveils New VH Ikon Aero Helmet

Vittoria Unveils New VH Ikon Aero Helmet


When it comes to helmets these days, its all about cheating the wind

And, while all of the focus placed on aerodynamics may have yielded some pretty slippery helmets, the market has also received its fair share of ugly ones as well.

I must say however, Vittoria’s new VH Ikon appears to be a surprising departure from the current crop of laboratory ugly aero helmets out there.

In fact, I rather like its Tron, robotic good looks, not to mention what appears to be massive front vents for optimal cooling in the hot riding season. 

How comfortable is it? That remains to be discovered.

But for now, it looks like Vittoria didn’t skimp when it came to the padding and retention system, so we’re thinking it feels good.



  • CPD ULTRALIGHT InMold Technology
  • Full bottom cover shell
  • 2D PRO Size adjustment
  • AIR 10 sculptured vents
  • EFC Internal ergonomic soft pads
  • Sizes S/M cm 54/58, L cm 58/62
  • Standards CE + CPSC
  • msrp $200



VH Ikon




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