- - Wahoo and Pioneer Partner on Pedal Monitoring System for ELEMNT Headunits

Wahoo and Pioneer Partner on Pedal Monitoring System for ELEMNT Headunits

Wahoo Fitness has announced a new partnership with Pioneer that will allow cyclists to access specialized performance data via Pioneer’s Pedal Monitoring System on Wahoo’s ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT cycling computers.

The Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System is a proprietary technology available on Pioneer power meters that measures force directions every 30 degrees and 12 times per crank rotation for each leg. This real-time measurement is displayed as a force vector on compatible head units and allows a rider to analyse his or her pedal stroke, calculate pedalling efficiency, and minimize power loss.

Cyclists can now access this proprietary data while also taking advantage of Wahoo’s functionality and features. Both the Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT can unlock and display this data, giving cyclists the ability to choose from two different screen sizes to suit individual needs and also letting them easily zoom in on key metrics.

“We provide Pedaling Monitor metrics beyond what a traditional power meter can measure, helping cyclists maximize cycling efficiency by showing them in real-time where their pedal stroke is most powerful, and where it can be improved,” said Russell Johnson, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA). “We’re excited to work with Wahoo to make this powerful data available to a wider range of cyclists via their easy-to-use ELEMNT cycling computers.”

All Pioneer Single and Dual Leg power meters support Pedaling Monitor metrics. Unlocking Pioneer’s Pedaling Monitor metrics only requires Wahoo users to update their device’s firmware, pair with a compatible Pioneer power meter, and select the Pedaling Monitor Mode which unlocks a new pre-set screen on the ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT

In an increasingly crowded, but still growing product segment, Johnston said Pioneer continues to emphasize two key points about its line: the products’ “bulletproof” durability and the power meters’ ability to measure and display dynamic pedaling information. Pioneer measures force directions every 30 degrees, 12 times per crank rotation for each leg, and the company said that can help riders learn to pedal more efficiently.

“We’re excited to add this unique functionality to our ELEMNT computers,” said Wahoo Founder and CEO Chip Hawkins. “Wahoo is known for our category-leading indoor riding ecosystems and easy-to-use cycling computers, and we’re glad that by partnering with Pioneer on this project, we can help more cyclists access data that will help them improve their fitness and form on the bike, whether they’re riding indoors with KICKR, or outside on the road.”

On the power crank side, Pioneer continues to offer Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra road cranks outfitted with one or two power sensors. Between the various chainring sizes and crank lengths, Pioneer has 15 Dura-Ace SKUs and 15 Ultegra SKUs, in dual-sided or left-side only options. Pioneer also continues to offer kits so that riders who already own the Shimano cranks can add power sensors, starting at $500 for a left-sided kit.

The new power meters offer Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity as well as ANT+. They are now slimmer, to allow use on more bike models, including some Trek bikes that lacked clearance with prior generation of Pioneer meters. This generation also has increased its dust and waterproofing, now meeting the IP66 and IP68 resistance ratings.

Pioneer is now offering a mobile app that can setup and calibrate the power meters and install firmware updates.

While the Bluetooth LE addition allows riders to connect their Pioneer power meter to most headunits on the market, most head units will show only raw power figures, not taking advantage of the more advanced metrics. In the past, this has meant some riders used two headunits: Pioneer’s original unit for power display and a separate GPS unit for navigation and other features.

No more. Now there are two options for riders wanting to see the full pedal metrics: Pioneer’s own new GPS-equipped headunit and Wahoo’s ELEMNT headunits.

Besides pedaling metrics, the new Pioneer SGX-CA600 headunit offers navigation, Strava live segments, Pioneer Training Assist coaching features and a 2.2-inch color LCD touch screen. It’s compatible with Shimano Di2 and SRAM Red eTap and, like the power meters, the headunit boasts IP66 and IP68 water and dust resistance ratings and 12-hour battery life. It can be configured with the mobile app, and will retail for $359.

The Wahoo firmware works with its ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT GPS models. The Pioneer features are unlocked when the user pairs a Pioneer meter with the headunit. The features work on all previous Wahoo computers as well as new ones.

The feature is also backwards-compatible on the Pioneer side: all previous Pioneer power meters will be compatible with the ELEMNT.


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