- - Wahoo Unveils Speedplay POWRLINK ZERO Dual-Sided Entry Power Meter Pedals

Wahoo Unveils Speedplay POWRLINK ZERO Dual-Sided Entry Power Meter Pedals

After much anticipation, Wahoo has officially unveiled its Speedplay POWRLINK ZERO pedals, marking the first road pedal-based power meter to offer dual-sided entry with a claimed accuracy of +/- 1%. Moreover, the pedals are available with left side only reading, or with both right and left sided power measurements.

“Developed by cyclists, POWRLINK ZERO power pedals combine the distinct performance advantages of the innovative Speedplay platform with power and cadence data that roadies and triathletes can use to train smarter and become stronger,” says Wahoo. 

Tipping the scales at 250g for the single-sided version and 276g for the dual-sided option, the POWRLINK ZERO is built around Speedplay’s ZERO model, featuring the same reliable, lightweight stainless steel axles with 0 to 15 degrees of adjustable float, providing real time data via the latest Bluetooth and ANT+ protocols with a battery life of up to 75 hours per charge.

“No matter how precise, power and cadence are only part of the equation. The dual-sided POWRLINK ZERO pedal system measures the power generated individually by each leg to calculate your true output. By precisely recording left/right balance you can focus your training to correct dominant/non-dominant leg discrepancies, recover from injury and reach your full cycling potential,” boasts Wahoo. 

“POWRLINK ZERO delivers your real-time workout data by pairing seamlessly with ELEMNT GPS devices or other ANT+ and Bluetooth®️-enabled cycling computers. By always having detailed ride metrics on display and at your fingertips, it’s simple to track every effort,” adds Wahoo. 

The single sided version of the POWRLINK ZERO pedal sells for $649.99, while the dual side variant costs $999.99. 





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