- - Want a "Woodie'? Ornus Can Deliver a "Happy Ending" with Its Wooden Gravel Bike

Want a “Woodie’? Ornus Can Deliver a “Happy Ending” with Its Wooden Gravel Bike

Want a “woodie”? Well, Ornus can deliver a “happy ending” with its new gravel bike, which scraps conventional metallurgy and composites in favor of all-natural, sustainable wood.

“Over the years we have seen many more or less beautiful versions of bicycles in wood, but also in bamboo, proposed as more ecological alternatives to carbon and other materials. A challenge that is not always easy, destined to remain isolated in a small market niche anyway. I wonder if this ambitious project can help relaunch the concept of wooden bikes. Ornus is an evolved object with a unique design of which the light and perfectly connected lines seduce capable of challenging for beauty the most fascinating gravel bikes on the planet. The perfect symbiosis between form and function, the goal of every designer not only in the sports world!,” boasts the bespoke Italian brand.

The construction of the Ornus frame features stratified ash wood that’s orientated in accordance with its natural fibers in order to achieve the highest levels of torsional stiffness and lightness.

“The ashwood undergoes CNC machining under the supervision of specialized technicians until it is transformed into very light shells, which are joined and reinforced by patented membrane grafts: it thus becomes the first technological frame made from natural materials. Wood already offers a natural ability to absorb vibrations, having a high internal damping factor. The chassis architecture is designed to improve these characteristics, bringing riding pleasure to the highest levels even on long rides, especially on bumpy or irregular routes,” explains Ornus.

The end result, is each Ornus gravel frame is a unique work of art. Moreover, thanks to the special characteristics of the wood, each model can be customized to the client’s geometry, as well as riding style.

Plus, Ornus offers a range of high-end componentry and cockpit choices to satisfy even the most discerning clientele. 





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