- - Watch Race Across America (RAAM) from Above

Watch Race Across America (RAAM) from Above


There’s no question that the Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most exciting and demanding races. Just to finish the race, let alone win it, is a feat that’s almost unimaginable. 

Yet, despite the interest the race attracts, given its length and duration, it makes for an extremely difficult task for spectator to follow.

However, NothinButShorts’ latest film short, RAAM from Above, gives enthusiasts an eye in the sky view of just how glorious and gritty this race is.  

Haase climbs Yarnell Grade near Prescott, AZ. Lori Nickel story on Dave Haase and his RAAM 2015 trip. --- Credit: Jessica Gosdeck


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