- - Wattbike Announces "For Real Athletes" Campaign

Wattbike Announces “For Real Athletes” Campaign

Smart bike manufacturer Wattbike has launched its first major brand campaign called For Real Athletes, which aims to challenge the “penthouse-perceptions of home cycling”.

“We’ve launched For Real Athletes to give determined every day and professional cyclists a unique ways to integrate Wattbikes into their lives to achieve their fitness goals, pushing beginner-to-superstar credentials to a wider home fitness audience,” says the British company. 

Additionally, Wattbike notes that it has been the mainstay of professional conditioning programs for many pro cyclists, boasting a long list of elite teams and pro riders around the world who have been using their bikes for more than 10 years. Moreover, the company adds that the pandemic has also increased the number of indoor cyclists who are looking to fast track their fitness during these unprecedented times.  

“Serving up a very British antidote to a category awash with pristine portrayals of home fitness, Wattbike’s campaign shows real people working out after a long shift, squeezing in a session before breakfast or on daddy-duty and whilst borrowing an ironing board as a makeshift laptop stand. And in golden moments, that will be entirely relatable to millions of serious home fitness enthusiasts, we see waistbands being unceremoniously hiked up, shorts being released from the saddle trap and household distractions being drowned out to acknowledge that the road to fitness perfection isn’t always perfect.”

“This campaign captures the very heart of Wattbike. Whether you’re an All Black or just always trying to improve, we see everyone who can ride a Wattbike as an athlete and that’s what drives us to make the best smart bikes in the world,” adds Amy Johns, Marketing Director at Wattbike.

“Our research told us that there’s millions of people who are serious about getting fitter and are increasingly choosing to do that in their own home – but they also want a product that they can invest in for a lifetime of gains. This campaign underlines that Wattbike is a tool that can stretch and adapt to any fitness goal and, most importantly, it delivers proven results in the real world,” she remarks.  

“We’ve always led from the front at Wattbike and whilst we know the prevailing winds of the industry tempt us to believe every smart bike deserves its own hand-crafted plinth on a balcony overlooking a famous landmark, we know our customers have just one goal – to get fitter, ” says Ed Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer at Wattbike.

“That’s why we’ve chosen to celebrate their determination and commitment in an authentic way and create a new community of real athletes with this campaign,” he adds.

You can learn more about the For Real Athletes campaign by visiting Wattbike’s website here.  




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