- - Wilier Dazzles with Latest Unico Limited Artist Series 0 SLR Road Bike

Wilier Dazzles with Latest Unico Limited Artist Series 0 SLR Road Bike

Wilier is dazzling enthusiasts with the latest edition of its Unico artist series, showcasing a limited edition version of its 0 SLR road bike by French designer Koralie Carmen Flores, aka Koralie. 

According to Koralie, her design was inspired by both natural and human-made objects, combining architectural and organic influences that culminate into an intricate series of geometric flora – resplendent in all manner of deep indigo blue and white.

“Drawing from her Provençal roots, Koralie’s Wilier 0 SLR Unico frame is an ode to cycling along France’s iconic coastline, enjoying a foretaste of the “Giant of Provence”, the fascinating Mont Ventoux, whose white-stone summit can be admired in all its glory from Aigues Mortes on bright sunny days. And yet, it also reflects the seascape of Koralie’s new home, Biarritz, whose intense azures reverberate into the artist’s drawings and works; and just a little further to the east, the profile of the Pyrenees, which awake the sensitive imagination of cycling enthusiasts around the globe. Provence and the Atlantic coast offer the dual pleasure of a fun, carefree cycling day out by the sea, and of a stimulating climb along historic Tour de France routes, so close and so reminiscent of the exploits of great champions of yore. After all, there lies the freedom of cycling: the ability to decide just how far we wish to challenge ourselves today. This is the sense that Koralie wishes to convey with her Unico frame: a free, glittering encounter between art and cycling in the heart of France’s most beautiful landscapes,” says the storied Italian brand. 

As with all of Wilier’s Unico limited edition series, production is set at just 100 individually numbered 0 SLR Unico x Koralie framesets.  Prospective buyers have only until December 31st to order one through their local Wilier dealer, which will set them back a staggering $7,000.00. 


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