- - Wind Tunnel Testing Facility in Flanders Opens Its Doors to Manufacturers

Wind Tunnel Testing Facility in Flanders Opens Its Doors to Manufacturers

A congregate of bike companies in Flanders called Flanders Bike Valley, has open the doors of its wind tunnel for outside manufactures to test their products.  

According to Flanders Bike Valley, they now offer an affordable program for manufacturers to test their bikes, helmets, wheels and related equipment using a state-of-the-art facility that provides standardized testing methods. 

“Flanders Bike Valley has the ambition to help brands, manufacturers and designers to identify their products’ relative strengths and weaknesses in terms of aerodynamics,” the organization says. “Testing will be purely focussed on identifying the relative position of products in the market to be able to discover if and how much room for product improvement there is in the product compared to other products in the market.”

In addition, Flanders Bike Valley says it can provide manufacturers with confidential, printed data and photos, outlining the results of each product tested. Moreover, they can provide in-house services that eliminate the need for manufacturers to send personnel to oversee testing.

Flanders Bike Valley has set pricing at 2,000 euros for testing of three bikes or four wheelsets, while testing for helmets costs 1,000 euros for up to four models. 

Flanders Bike Valley was founded in 2013 by Bio Racer, Lazer Sport, Ridley, Vox dale (an Indy car aerodynamics company) and Flanders Make (an automotive industry organization). The organization now has more than 70 members. 

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