- - Women's Cycling Round-Up

Women’s Cycling Round-Up


There’s this specific moment we all face. It’s the moment you decide whether to meet your fears, or retreat. It’s a battle of determination, of will, of spirit. What would happen if we met those moments with ‘Actually, I Can’?

How would that shape the rest of our lives? What if we use our bikes to train our minds? #ActuallyICan



WE BELIEVE: That strong communities are built around strong women. That being on a bike brings you closer to your community, to nature, and to yourself. That from action comes change, and from visibility comes reality. And that independence, self-empowerment and personal strength are things we need every day. It’s as easy as riding a bike. MAKE YOUR PASSION PUBLIC AND WATCH CHANGE HAPPEN. JOIN US.There are some days that change your life.

CycloFemme is a one of those days.

This May 8, join women around the globe as they celebrate women,
create communities and remember how good shared momentum feels.
Register a ride today, and come back to see the rides unfold.


CycloFemme is a grass-roots global celebration of women’s cycling. Every year, on Mother’s Day (US), women around the world share in the joy and empowerment of riding a bike by coming together in self-initiated rides and sharing their stories online with #CycloFemme. Whether a short, social spin of two friends or a pro team race, the spirit of togetherness is what makes any bike ride a CycloFemme ride.


Join thousands of women around the world in riding 100km on Sunday 17th July. Whether you choose to join an organised ride, create one of your own, or simply get out and ride on the day, you’ll be in great company. Over 8,000 women took part last year – we’d love even more of you to join us this year. Pledge below to show that you’ll be riding on the 17th july, wherever you are.

Once you’ve pledged, why not find a ride to join, or register and lead your own. For those of you riding your first 100km, we have put together a guide to help you prepare for July.


Rapha Women’s 100

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