- - Yakima Introduces New Range of CBX Cargo Boxes with Solar Charging Capabilities

Yakima Introduces New Range of CBX Cargo Boxes with Solar Charging Capabilities

Yakima has introduced what they’re calling the next generation range of cargo boxes called the CBX, which offer integrated solar panels for charging battery-operated gear when off-grid.

“For more than 40 years, Yakima has provided road warriors of all stripes with best-in-class cargo solutions, freeing up space inside the car to take more people along for the adventure. In particular, the company’s rooftop cargo boxes have become a ubiquitous sight on America’s roads, hauling everything from skis and snowboards to camping gear and climbing equipment. For Fall 2020, Yakima is proud to introduce the next evolution of the cargo box, the CBX,” says Yakima.

The CBX collection includes three different boxes, including both 16 and 18 cubic-foot versions and a second 16 cubic-foot model.  

Modeled after current high-end automobile trends—both in terms of design and naming convention—the CBX line features modern aesthetics and an all-new microtexture exterior that, combined with a premium feature set, make it the ultimate in rooftop cargo boxes.

The lid has an integrated handle that disconnects when the box is locked for an added layer of security and a streamlined look. CBX also features new mounting hardware that maximizes the available space within the box. The torque-limiting tool used to secure the box to crossbars stows away neatly inside. With both 16 and 18 cubic-foot models available, both of which offer excellent hatch clearance, there’s a model for nearly every vehicle on the road.

Yakima teamed up with Sunflare in the design of CBX SOLAR, the first mass-produced, premium-level cargo box with an integrated solar panel. Based in La Verne, California, Sunflare is the first company to successfully mass-produce light, thin, flexible, and durable CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) solar panels, which are 75 percent lighter and 95 percent thinner than standard c-Si (crystalline-silicon) panels. Also, Sunflare’s CIGS panels are capable of withstanding high impact, which are impervious to heat, wind and cold that will not crack. 

The integrated 36-watt panel on the CBX SOLAR cargo box produces a 5-volt (3-amp max.) output through two USB ports, making it a completely green way to power your campsite or tailgate/trailgate activity. Use the power of the sun to charge portable batteries and devices without having to drain your car battery or even start your vehicle. 

Cargo boxes in the CBX collection will have MSRPs of $849, $949, and $1,299 for the 16, 18 and SOLAR models, respectively. The line will be available at retail locations, digital retailers, and at on August 15.

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