- - Zipp Launches New 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Zipp Launches New 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset


Following on the success of their 808 NSW wheelset, which was ridden to victory at the Pro Men’s Ironman World Championships and the Elite Women’s UCI Team Time Trial World Championships, Zipp announced the launch of their second addition to its NSW series, the 404 NSW Carbon Clincher.

Developed in Zipp’s top-secret lab, known as The Nest, the brand has delivered a new wheelset that they’re saying underscores improvements in braking performance, aerodynamic efficiency, and unparalleled crosswind stability.

Like the 808 NSW, the 404 NSW also makes use of Zipp’s Cognition hubset for increased durability and exceptionally low freehub drag.

“Zipp NSW is basically the most advanced development technology that Zipp has at that time.” “No matter where one rides, the 404 NSW is engineered to make you a faster rider”, says Zipp Director of Advanced Development, Michael Hall.

According to Zipp, given the 404 NSW‘s 58mm rim depth, it’s designed as a do-everything wheelset, that’s as much at home climbing, as it is maintaining speed on the flats. To wit, “it’s a wheel that’s strong enough to handle the Spring Classics, but light enough to inspire sprints out of corners.”

Zipp developed 404 NSW using no fewer than 42 different CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) concept studies, along with weeks in the wind tunnel. Which in the end, yielded up to a 34% reduction in crosswind side force, for improved stability and power efficiency, by virtue of the wheels’s ability to “keep the bike straight.”

Furthermore, Zipp says, “the same properties that make 404 NSW fast on the flats, also provides unequivocal confidence for high speed descents.

Additionally,when it comes time to slow for a corner, our NSW exclusive Showstopper™ brake track stands ready to deliver the best modulation and shortest stopping distances available, regardless of weather conditions or the length of the descent.”

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Every time a conventional hubset starts to coast, friction within the freehub ratchet mechanism works like a drum brake to slow the rider down. With the Cognition hubset’s Axial Clutch™ technology, we’ve reduced this drag by disengaging the ratchet mechanism when coasting. With less internal hub drag a rider can pedal less when drafting in a headwind, achieve higher speeds when coasting in an aero tuck, or opt to stop pedaling a moment sooner before entering a corner and bank that wattage for use exiting the corner. Axial Clutch technology allows riders also to maintain speed through corners that don’t require braking input, thereby increasing corner exit speeds.
Inside the Axial Clutch mechanism we use magnets, rather than steel springs, to move and engage our light weight Metal injection Molded (MIM) ratchet rings for unmatched reliability and consistent operation. With 36 points of engagement that all interlock simultaneously, there isn’t a more secure freehub mechanism on the market.

Our Axial Clutch freehub mechanism is also compatible with XD drivers. This gives riders the option to select a 10-42 cassette to assemble a 1×11 drivetrain with an equivalent range to either a compact or standard road double drivetrain.
A star-flanged straight-pull hubshell design on the rear hub distributes the load placed on the hub flange away from the bearings. We’ve also developed a unique scalloped edge hubshell design for our front hub. This scalloped design maintains the bearing bore diameter when high radial spoke tension is applied. Both of these hubshell design elements ensure that bearings quietly stay in place, roll faster, last longer, and provide a laterally stiffer hub. About those bearings, we’ve chosen Swiss stainless steel bearings specially made to our specs to provide the longest lasting, lowest friction performance available.


We’ve employed Zipp’s ImPress graphics technology, which prints graphics directly on the rim, to help allow the dimples to do what they were designed to do – control vortex shedding, the rate at which air sheds off the wheel. Managing this is crucial to stability. Like the 808 NSW, ImPress graphics also give the 404 NSW a distinctive stealthy look while keeping the rim as light as possible.


Our new Sawtooth dimple design consists of 12 nodes that are precisely clocked to start aerodynamic shearing at a rate of 50hz at a rider speed of 20mph. Sawtooth accomplishes this by inducing small sheet vortices that shed at a low magnitude, but at a higher natural frequency, thus decreasing the laminar bubble effect on the aerodynamically shielded side of the rim’s profile to further reduce high yaw drag and improve crosswind stability. That crosswind stability provides peace of mind when the weather turns south, saving watts that would have been expended trying to hold your line.


When it comes to braking, “good for a carbon rim” wasn’t good enough for the 404 NSW. We wanted braking performance that was better than aluminum rims and any other carbon rim, and we’ve achieved that goal. Our industry leading silicon carbide Showstopper™ brake track delivers unmatched stopping power and modulation regardless of weather conditions or the length of the descent. With Showstopper™ braking performance, you’ll need to find another excuse not to ride on rainy days.


Zipp 404 NSW was developed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) post-processing software and multiple wind-tunnel trips, including the Aerodynamic Bike Testing Facility at the ARC Wind Tunnel, a short drive from Zipp’s Indianapolis facility. We do this because, as one of our advanced development engineers, Dave Morse, is fond of saying, “The wind tunnel will never be replaced as the gut check for wheel design.” The advanced development engineers at The Nest took that data and created the rim shape that became the 404 NSW.
Zipp 404 NSW rims are laid up, molded, drilled, and built in Indianapolis by Zipp technicians. Our expert wheel builders then hand lace the rims to our European-made Cognition hubset using Belgian Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Secure-Lock nipples to ensure precision alignment and even spoke tension. The end result is a handcrafted wheelset that stays fast and true for years to come.

• 1555g wheelset total
• 705g front weight
• 850g rear weight
• 58mm wheel depth
• 27.8mm max width
• 26.44mm brake track width
• 18 front spoke count
• 24 rear spoke count
• Sapim® secure-lock nipples
• Sapim® CX-Ray® spokes
• Cognition hubset
• ImPress graphics
MSRP: $3100, €2800, £2150

Retail Availability: February 2016

Each Wheel Includes:
• Zipp Tangente titanium black skewer
• Zipp valve extender by Silca
• Zipp individual wheel bag
• Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads
• Zipp Tangente tube 700c x 20-28mm
• Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm


Zipp 404 NSW

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