- - Zirbel Reprises the "Spinaci" Clip-on Aerobars with It's "Zirbelaci"

Zirbel Reprises the “Spinaci” Clip-on Aerobars with It’s “Zirbelaci”


It’s been decades since the UCI out-lawed Cinelli’s popular Spinaci clip-on aerobars from competition. 

However, the Swiss company, Zirbel, is attempting to reprise the ill-fated Spinaci with its own version of add-ons called the Zirbelaci. And, if that isn’t a play on words, I don’t know what is.  🙂 

However, there’s more than just a parody of names that differentiate the Zirbelaci from the Spinaci.

The newer add-ons incorporate the brand’s rotating grip shifters, which can interface with any of the new electronic groupsets currently on the market.


Zirbel’s Stefan Koller says there are good reasons to use this style of handlebar extension. “I like the Spinaci style extensions, there are good reasons to use them, but the Spinaci leads always to a very controversial discussion.” 

The Zirbelaci bars are made from aluminum and are compatible with 31.8mm handlebars, but they cone with a hefty price tag of £170 with one twist grip shifter or £230 with two twist shifters.

It will be interesting to see if the UCI loosens up its sanctions to allow the use of the Zirbelaci in the future.

We think not. 



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