- - Zwift Announces New "Zwift Ride" Indoor Trainer Ecosystem

Zwift Announces New “Zwift Ride” Indoor Trainer Ecosystem

Zwift has launched its all-new indoor trainer ecosystem dubbed the Zwift Ride, which is designed to pair Zwift’s Smart Frame and Smart Trainer (Wahoo Kickr Core), providing a convenient and shareable indoor bike for riding on Zwift.

“We’re on a mission to make Zwifting easier by reducing the cost and complexity of hardware,” says Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “Zwift Ride brings all of the advantages of a smart bike at an incredibly affordable price. It’s clean, it’s quiet, incredibly simple to set up and adjust, and can be shared with any member of the household. Importantly when I look at my Zwift Ride, it looks like it belongs in my home. I’ve been riding mine for many months and I can’t wait to share the experience with other Zwifters!

When designing Zwift Ride, simplicity had to be a key feature, making sure the “Frame Key” is all that Zwifters will need to set up and adjust their Zwift Ride. Indeed, the Frame Key is the only tool needed to assemble the Zwift Ride Smart Frame. Once assembled, the Frame Key is securely stored in the top tube where it can be readily accessed to adjust the fit to any rider, making Zwift Ride perfect for sharing with multiple users. Also, Ssddle height, bar height, and reach are all adjusted via three identifiable points on the frame. Suited to riders between 5ft (152cm) to 6ft 6 inches (198 cm), riders can quickly find their fit using the included fit card.

Additionally, the integrated handlebars with dual control pads give rides full control of Zwift from their handlebars, allowing them to navigate menus, give RideOns or deploy PowerUps with the simple touch of a button, while additional buttons at the base of the levers can be configured in the game to provide additional shortcuts, like Ride On’s and PowerUps – perfect when sprinting for the line. Also, the integrated bike controllers take care of all essential riding controls., along with virtual shifting on the Zwift Ride that’s silent and delivers a perfect shift, every time. Moreover, with gears suited to every Zwift terrain, Zwifters can select their preferred shifting style – Shimano, SRAM, or sequential.

In addition to keeping game controls within reach, Zwift Ride also aims to keep your essentials right where you need them. Zwifting is thirsty work which is why Zwifters will find two bottle cages fitted to the frame. These cages are designed for indoor riding with an easy-to-access drop-in, lift-out cageless design. 

A tray at the front of the bike also provides space for Zwifters to place their food, towel, and phone – ideal for having the Zwift Companion app and music to hand. The rubber cover is non-slip and can be removed for easy cleaning.

An optional tablet holder is available to Zwifters that use iOS or Android tablet devices. Priced at $49.99, the tablet holder seamlessly integrates with the front of the bike tray and securely holds the tablet via a quick-release fixing strap.

Zwift Ride with Kickr Core Pricing:

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