- - Zwift Expands Watopia with New Coastal Roads

Zwift Expands Watopia with New Coastal Roads

Zwift has expanded its Watopia platform, adding 19 kilometers of coastal roads that include the Fuego Flats and Mayan Jungle.

Dubbed the Coastal Causeway, the new addition is part of Zwift’s 1.51 game release, which is expected to reach all users of the indoor cycling app later this week.

Users can experience the roads during Stage 5 of the Tour of Watopia, which begins on October 30. However, after the Tour of Watopia, users will have to be at level 10 or higher in order to access the roads, unless the user is riding with a friend or in a Zwift event.

“The Southern Coast contains some of the most lush and diverse parts of Watopia, and offers some of the most stunning views on the whole island. The new road will take cyclists to never-before-seen locales and settlements that are excited to welcome cyclists, share their unique character, and are sure to become a favorite destination for all kinds of riders,” says Zwift. 

The new road closely hugs Watopia’s coast and is relatively flat. There are four new sprint segments, Stoneway Spring, Acropolis Sprint, Sasquatch Spring and Woodland Sprint, so you can expect the new roads to be used in races soon.

Also, the new roads have allowed Zwift engineers to design eight new routes. Here are the names, distances and elevation for each of them:

  • Coast Crusher (34km and 172 meters of ascent)
  • The Big Ring (48km and 268 meters of ascent)
  • Accelerate to Elevate (41km and 1,152 meters of ascent finishing atop the Alpe du Zwift)
  • Shorelines and Summits (46km and 776 meters of climbing including the Epic KOM)
  • Sugar Cookie (33km and 250 meters of climbing)
  • Going Coastal (16km and 63 meters of climbing)
  • Temple Trek (6km and 25 meters of climbing)
  • Canopies and Coastlines (22km and 124 meters of climbing)

Additionally, the new Southern Coast road navigates around the back of the Epic KOM, suggesting users might see a new route in the near future that tackles the ascent from a different direction.

“In the future, Watopia’s construction planners expect to use the new causeway as a backbone for additional new roads, giving Zwifters access to other remote parts of Watopia that are not currently developed for cycling,” hints Zwift.

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