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Human Powered Speed Record Broken


Last week, Canadian Todd Reichert and his AeroVelo team succeeded in breaking the human-powered speed record, after reaching the  astonishing speed of 89.59 mph (144.17 km/hr).

The new record was set at Battle Mountain in Nevada, were Reichart was given an 8 kilometer stretch before reaching the final 200 meters where his speed was officially measured and recorded.

Back on September 14, Reichart clocked a speed of 88.26mph (142.04km/h), beating his own previous record of 86.65mph (139.46km/h), which he set last year.

Three days later, Reichart succeeded in setting this latest benchmark.

Todd Reichert in de Eta op de vierde racedag. In Battle Mountain (Nevada) wordt ieder jaar de World Human Powered Speed Challenge gehouden. Tijdens deze wedstrijd wordt geprobeerd zo hard mogelijk te fietsen op pure menskracht. Ze halen snelheden tot 133 km/h. De deelnemers bestaan zowel uit teams van universiteiten als uit hobbyisten. Met de gestroomlijnde fietsen willen ze laten zien wat mogelijk is met menskracht. De speciale ligfietsen kunnen gezien worden als de Formule 1 van het fietsen. De kennis die wordt opgedaan wordt ook gebruikt om duurzaam vervoer verder te ontwikkelen. Todd Reichert in the Eta on the fourth racing day. In Battle Mountain (Nevada) each year the World Human Powered Speed ​​Challenge is held. During this race they try to ride on pure manpower as hard as possible. Speeds up to 133 km/h are reached. The participants consist of both teams from universities and from hobbyists. With the sleek bikes they want to show what is possible with human power. The special recumbent bicycles can be seen as the Formula 1 of the bicycle. The knowledge gained is also used to develop sustainable transport.

To accomplish this feat, the former speedskater had to rely on cameras mounted outside of his aerodynamic, carbon fiber shelled recumbent bike, as he had no direct outside view around him.


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