- - 2018 North American Handmade Bicycle Show to Feature a Host of New Seminars

2018 North American Handmade Bicycle Show to Feature a Host of New Seminars

Next month’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Hartford, Connecticut will feature a host of new seminars ranging from bike fit and design to current industry trends, along with some light humor that pokes fun at the odd aspects of cycling and the proclivities we posses as cyclists.

The seminars coincide with the opening of the show on February 16, and run concurrent until Sunday the 18. 

Here’s a glimpse at some of the seminars. 

Maximize the ROI of Your Event 

You’ve got your booth, your product looks great, and your staff is ready to go, but have you discussed your goals and how to measure success? Are you really prepared to talk to customers and media? This 30 minute seminar will focus on how to set realistic goals for your live events, simple strategies for maximizing your ROI, and how to talk to consumers and media. You’ll walk away with specific tips on how to drive interest in your brand and products, helping you get the most out of your NAHBS experience.

Steve Elmes is the owner of SJE Productions, a strategic marketing firm with over 20 years of experience developing and executing business strategy. His background in the bicycle industry dates back to the early 90s and includes working for Fat City Cycles and co-founding Independent Fabrication. He oversees all sponsorship and relationships for NAHBS. Maria Hennessey is the founder of SMAK Strategies, SMAK Strategies specializes in strategic PR and digital marketing services that help bring brands to the forefronts of their markets. SMAK serves clients across a variety of industries, including the outdoor, cycling, and travel markets.

Craft Manufacturing: How to Preserve the History, the Present and the Future of the Bicycle Industry in the USA

Brief history of bicycle manufacturing that now leads to craft manufacturing in America, and highlights of taking craft manufacturing to the next level by making not just the frame and fittings but the majority of parts. (The Cmith family of parts are: Front hub, handlebar, stem, seat post, fork, Head Tube fittings, cranks, belt guard, frame couplings for belt insertion, bottom bracket and fittings, and our own HD cruiser seat.) When other American made products such as the rims by velocity are included the Emory bicycle ends up with the highest American content of American made parts and frame of any bicycle currently available.

Clayton Emory Smith II of Cmith Manufacturing Companies, LLC was born into a bicycle industry family. He is a graduate of Jacksonville University and served as an officer in the Army until 1976. After serving his country, Clayton returned to his bicycle industry roots and started working with his father and uncle to produce the first Emory Bicycle. He has been the owner of 2 bicycle retail stores and is an engineer and tool & die maker.

Thing to Know About Getting a Good Bike Fit

Discussion on the history of bike fitting and how to prepare for a bike fitting.

Happy Freedman is a bike fitter and cycling coach with over 30 years’ experience, including the Columbia University D1 Cycling Team. For over 10 years, Happy has been on staff at Hospital for Special Surgery, currently in the Department of Rehabilitation’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Lab .In addition, he is spearheading HSS’s sports medicine Bike Fit/Performance program. He has presented on bike fit at the International CycleFit Symposium in London, and numerous events throughout the US, most recently, at CABDA The Chicago Area Bicycle Dealers Association This summer, he will return to Colorado Springs for is his eighth year of teaching bike fit at the Medecine of Cycling Conference and its parallel event, the Medical Emergencies Cycling Conference. He is a founding board member of the IBFI, the International Bike Fit Institute, and a worldwide umbrella organization for bike fit professionals.

BikeCAD for Framebuilders and Fit Specialists

Brent Curry, the developer of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro, will give an overview of BikeCAD’s basic functionality and describe the new features of BikeCAD version 13.5. Whether you’re a framebuilder, shop owner or bike fit specialist, Brent will explain all that you need to know to get the most out of BikeCAD. BikeCAD is constantly being updated. Come to this seminar to learn what new features are being planned and to suggest ideas of your own.

Brent Curry has a background in Mechanical Engineering. As a student, he worked for Vitus Bicycles in France, Syncros Applied Technology in Vancouver, Southcott Pty in Australia, and Dekerf Cycle Innovations in Vancouver. Since 1998, Brent has been applying insights from hundreds of frame builders and fit specialists in the development of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro.

How a Professional Mechanic Can Help You

Q&A with James Stanfill, President of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association

GURU Sports: Saddles – The pivotal aspect of Bike Fit and Posture

This seminar discusses some of the often ignored and hard to solve problems related to saddle discomfort and the ways in which it affects bike fit and performance.

This seminar is led by Colin Tanner and Jonathan Blyer of ACME Bicycle Co. / Guru Cycling.  Jonathan and Colin are co-owners of ACME Bicycle Co. in Brooklyn, NY where on a daily basis they work with cyclists of all abilities and disciplines in search of bike nirvana.  Jonathan and Colin are also bike fit educators with Guru Cycling. 

Belt Drives and Gearboxes: Will they take over the world?

Learn how to integrate a Pinion gearbox and Gates Carbon Drive system into your next frame.

At the seminar, Gates will show a full suspension Nicolai Ion with a Pinion gearbox and Gates Carbon Drive with a backside idler to educate North American builders about the rapid advances and innovations in gearbox bike design taking place in Europe. Gates is engaged in R&D testing with backside idlers on full suspension bikes and is seeking builders and collaborators to test approved designs.

Speaker Bio: Gates Technician Ben Castaneda and Pinion North America Lead Tech Marc Seemann will answer your toughest technical and design questions. Short Company Bio: Gates Carbon Drive is the award-winning bicycle belt drive system from Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies for industrial, automotive, and motorcycle industries. No rust. No grease. No fooling. Gates is the North American sales and service partner for Pinion, the innovative German gearbox that pairs perfectly with Gates Carbon Drive to create the durable and low-maintenance alternative drivetrain of the future–today.

Bike Fitters / Framebuilders Networking & Problem Solving Breakfast

  • Vivo Seasonal Trattoria (map)

Join fellow bike fitters and framebuilders to discuss fit  problems, collaboration, expertise, all fun things that make us who we are.  This event is a drop in  open breakfast, self-pay for food and drink. RSVP is not necessary however a headcount  for table would be helpful. For questions or RSVP please contact fellow bike fitting specialist and event organizer, Happy Freedman at  917-664-4889 or

TIG Welding; Emphasis on Titanium for Bicycle Frame Building

Discuss the tools and set-up necessary for TIG welding, this covers a wide range of things from the shoes you wear to the grinding of tungstens and the use of Transformer TIG machines vs. Inverter. Tricks and tips specific to the welding of titanium bicycle frames will also be covered. There will be some time available near the end of the seminar for Q&A.

Brad Bingham, owner and operator of Bingham BUILT bikes and Kent Eriksen Cycles. I perform all aspects of business ownership and lead the bicycle frame building operations. I TIG weld every frame and component that comes out of our shop. I have been in the bicycle building industry for 21 years and have welded many thousands of titanium frames

 Campagnolo 2018 Technology

Daniel Large of Campagnolo provides a brief history and overview of 2018 technology

“Evolution from professional cyclist to mobility advocate” – Tim Johnson

  • Saturday, February 17, 201

To say he’s lucky to ride a bike for a living is an understatement. Since recently wrapping up his pro career, Tim has continued his cycling advocacy and safety efforts with and Superpedestrian. Join Tim as he shares how handmade bikes influenced his career and why cycling is now, more than ever, about more than just wattage and heart rate.

GURU Sports: Making Sense of Bicycle Dynamics

This seminar discusses the mechanics of bicycle handling and what to be aware of to design a bicycle that will perform as desired. 

This seminar is led by Damon Rinard of Cannondale.  Damon is a mechanical engineer with many years of bicycle engineering under his belt from his time at Kestrel, Trek, Cervelo and finally CSG/Cannondale where he is currently the engineering manager of road bicycles.

Bike Builders & Manufacturers Growth Opportunities vs Risk

We all want to grow our business. How can we increase volume, meanwhile maintain quality, cap costs, and reduce risk?

Come meet Lora VanDixhorn, President ISU Insurance Services of Westlake, highly respected insurance broker for the bicycle industry since 1985. She insures hundreds of bicycle and bike parts manufacturers, custom and mass-produced, pedal and electric, all materials from steel to exotic, tandem and 15 passenger bikes. Are you considering expanding your product line to include electric assist, wood bikes, other products, or importing parts and bikes, subcontracting out work? Thinking about adding a coffee shop in the front, beer in the back, or just gathering groups for rides? Opportunities can bring more income, though we must consider additional risk they involve. Who is liable? Is it easily insurable? Will costs truly be lower? How can you reduce the risk involved?  This thought provoking hour will open your mind, settle some questions you have, and raise others you haven’t considered. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The Rules

Frank will be holding and interactive discussion about The Rules and The Hardmen, beginning with a detailed critique of the bikes shown at NAHBS and their adherence to and violation of The Rules. He will then delve into a discussion about the toughest Cyclists in our sports beautiful history. Come prepared with specific examples of riders that were left out of The Hardmen, and raise them during the Question & Answer portion of the talk for your chance to go toe-to-toe on why they should or shouldn’t have been included.

The founder of Velominati and curator of The Rules, Frank was born in the Dutch colonies of Minnesota. His boundless physical talents are carefully canceled out by his equally boundless enthusiasm for drinking. Coffee, beer, wine, if it’s in a container, he will enjoy it, a lot of it. He currently lives in Seattle. He loves riding in the rain and scheduling visits with the Man with the Hammer just to be reminded of the privilege it is to feel completely depleted. He holds down a technology job the description of which no-one really understands and his interests outside of Cycling and drinking are Cycling and drinking.

Magura “Tech Talk” with Jude Monica


Jude Monica, Magura Technical Service Manager, has over 20 years of experience in the cycling industry. History: Founded in 1893 Magura is proudly celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2018. Recently, Magura USA hit a milestone celebrating their 40th anniversary in the United States.
Magura’s 100+ years of Hydraulics expertise will help take your ride to the next level. Check out their newest products and celebrate Magura!

GURU Sports: Custom Bicycle Design Considerations

This seminar discusses the many things that must be considered when designing a custom-made bicycle including fit, performance, compatibility and of course aesthetics. 

This seminar is led by Corey Piscopo of Moots with support from Jonathan Blyer and Colin Tanner of ACME / Guru.  Corey has been with Moots since 2008 working with fitters and shops to design and sell custom and stock geometry bicycles.  Corey currently serves as the Global Sales Director. 




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