- - BMC Racing Ambassador Program

BMC Racing Ambassador Program

BMC Switzerland is launching an Ambassador Program for influential amateur riders and racers, who will receive BMC riding kit, casual clothing, preferred pricing on BMC bikes, and access to other exclusive perks. The program will be run through BMC’s authorized dealers. 

A limited number of applicants will receive a BMC or Stromer bicycle to ride for the duration of their participation in the program. 

“At the end of the day it’s the amateur enthusiasts that are the driving force behind BMC and Stromer,” said Devin Riley, BMC USA’s marketing director. “These riders live the sport, be it competitively or just for fun. These are the people you see riding in hailstorms and doing the dawn patrol. But it doesn’t stop there; they are active members of the cycling community and that is something that BMC wants to encourage and support.”


We’re searching for active cyclists in the US who are passionate about BMC and Stromer bikes, and would like to help spread the word on our lifestyle, culture, and of course, our bikes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitive triathlete or a daily commuter, we believe all our bikes bring an unrivaled feeling of freedom, and with that freedom comes passion. It’s that passion for cycling and passion for sharing we’re looking for.

As an Ambassador, you’ll be part of BMC and Stromer. We think this is a cool opportunity, and we want to make sure you’re well equipped.

Here’s a few of the perks to expect:

  • • Exclusive Ambassador kit
  • • BMC or Stromer casual clothing
  • • Preferred pricing on bikes and gear
  • • You could appear in regional ad campaigns
       and in-store displays
  • • You may be invited to attend exclusive
       BMC Experiences
  • • Get insider knowledge on BMC projects

If, through riding one of our bikes, you’ve experienced feelings of immense freedom and passion, and you want to share it with the world, then you’re well on your way. Other ideal qualities would include:

  • •Active with your local shop and group rides
  • • Highly visible in the local cycling community
  • • Active and knowledgable on social media,
       with a good following
  • • Passionate about the BMC and Stromer
  • • Knowledgeable and informed about all
       aspects of cycling culture
  • • Strong ability to organize people and events
  • • Technical understanding of our products

As an Ambassador you’ll be responsible for spreading the word about BMC and Stromer. You’ll be expected to:

  • • Attend BMC and Stromer retailer events 
      (Demo Days, Group Rides, BMC Nights, etc)
  • • Create ride inspired content (photos, videos,
       ride reports, trip guides)
  • • Actively participate in social media
       (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs)
  • • Have a technical understanding of BMC or
       Stromer bikes
  • • Maintain an active role in your local cycling
  • • Communicate with the Ambassador
       network to share experiences, stories,
       and passion for BMC

For those applicants who have a unique story, a special passion for BMC or Stromer, and truly stand out from the pack, we have reserved an extra perk.

A limited number of Ambassadors will be given a BMC or Stromer bicycle to ride for the duration of their participation in the Ambassador program.

Bear this in mind when making your application, and good luck!


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