- - Bell Launches Pro Star Claiming to be Fastest Helmet

Bell Launches Pro Star Claiming to be Fastest Helmet

Bell announced the launch of it’s new Pro Star helmet, claiming that it’s the "fastest" road bike model available. 

According to Bell, the Star Pro utilizes the company’s Active-Aero Technology, wherein a slider mechanism on the back of the shell allows riders to open and close the vents. The concept behind it is, that riders can open the slider when they want ventilation, and close it to minimize aerodynamic drag.

It may sound a bit gimmicky, however, Bell claims to have the proof that it works. To wit:

“A full range of competing aero helmets were tested at the Faster wind tunnel facility utilising the industry-adopted wind-averaged drag (WAD), a wind velocity of 25mph (40kph), and a 30° head angle for all helmets,” say Bell. “Tests proved that the Star Pro, with vents closed, is the fastest helmet on the market when compared to other very well-known aero competitors.”


Additionally, Bell claims it’s new Pro Star is equally impressive when it comes to ventilation. 

Featuring Bell’s "Overbrow Ventilation", the Pro Star is designed to draw air into the intake ports and circulate it through a network of air channels that in turn pushes out warm air through the exhaust ports.

“When measuring the Star Pro’s cooling efficiency, with vents open, it proved to be near equal to a traditional road helmet over a 30-minute period, but more importantly, cooled faster than a bare head during the initial five-minute period giving the cyclist the ability to cool their head mid-ride.”

"Our intention with Star Pro was to eliminate the either/or choice cyclists have long been faced with when it comes to being faster or cooler,” says Bell Helmets’ Azul Couzens. “We’ve already seen it perform well with the United Healthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team domestically and look forward to watching Team Belkin wear this throughout the 2014 Tour de France.”

In addition, the Star Pro also features Bell’s "Float Fit System", which is designed to accommodate a wide range of head shapes.

The Star Pro will be available in three sizes, along with six colors choices, to include two high-visibility options (Infrared and Retina Sea). The Star Pro is priced at a hefty $240 ($280 with shield), and will be available later this year.

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