- - Continental Launches New Cyclocross Tire Line

Continental Launches New Cyclocross Tire Line

Continental has launched a new line of cyclo-cross tires just in time for the onset of the race season. The new CycloX-King and Mountain KingCX cyclocross tires are available primarily as clinchers, and they incorporate the company’s   BlackChilli rubber compound. 

The Mountain KingCX, has a tread pattern made up of deep square blocks spaced well apart, with a paddle shape central section. The shoulder knobs are arranged at an angle – designed  to leverage better traction through the corners and for tackling the challenges of off-camber sections.

With a claimed weight of 320g, there’s just one version of this tire available.

The CycloX-King is based on the popular X-King mountain bike tire – a favorite amongst racers for it’s fast-rolling tread pattern. Similarly, this tire has the same tightly packed, small and deep block arrangement.

Tall shoulder blocks are designed to give  the tire excellent "bite" through the corners. A versatile tire, the Cyclo-X  has the credentials to make for an excellent all-round tire that performs well on harder tracks and asphalt as it is does in dirt, soggy grass and mud. Conti says, the Black Chilli compound gives good grip in  “hard & dry, cold & wet, roots, off-cambers, grass or stone” conditions.

The tire is available at a couple of different price points. At the top is the CycloX-King RS with BlackChilli rubber, along with a less expensive wire bead version that extends the width out to 35mm and loses the BlackChilli compound.

Right at the very top of the range, is a tubular version that’s still under development, and details are still forthcoming.

The X-King for Cyclocrosser

• high performance, all-round tyre for every terrain
• supple 3/180 tpi RaceSport casing
• impressively fast and smooth rolling yet with outstanding grip
• a 32mm width casing meets UCI regulations





Mountain King CX

Welcome to the mud!


• mud specific tyre for cyclo-cross
• deep profile cuts through the mud
• the large knobs also roll well on harder ground
• the wider spaced shoulder tread bites deep into soft ground for sure cornering and confidence in off-camber sections
• robust and race ready 3/180 tpi RaceSport casing
• 32mm version  meets the UCI regulations





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