- - Effetto Mariposa OctoPlus Helmet Pad Replace Kit

Effetto Mariposa OctoPlus Helmet Pad Replace Kit

As trivial as it may sound, we’ve all come to the crossroads where the "stink stank" eliminating from our helmet’s padding was beyond cleaning. But, with no alternative other than to try and hunt down a set of replacement pads from the manufacturer (good luck with that :mellow: ), or worse, rig up something with a bunch of remnant pads, for many it meant sidelining a perfectly good helmet.

Endure the stink no longer ! Checkout Effetto Mariposa OctoPlus Helmet Pad Replace Kit.

OctoPlus Kit

OctoPlus Kit is a universal pad-replacement kit for bicycle helmets, inspired by octopus legendary grabbing capability.

OctoPlus Kit is primarily intended as a fit and comfort upgrade to any helmet, beside being an affordable and effective way of replacing worn-out pads on a otherwise perfectly functional helmet.


  • the main star-shaped element adapts to any XC/road helmet, providing optimal comfort
  • several padding elements allow to get a customized fit
  • includes 10 adhesive velcro elements and a chin pad
  • external fabric is non-allergic, with anti-microbial treatment
  • high-quality foam for comfort, durability and sweat-resistance
  • machine washable
  • made in Italy

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