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Fizi:k Volta Saddle


Cutaways, channels and articulated padding notwithstanding, Fizi:k defies the current, minimalist paths to "perineum pleasure", by returning to the classic designs of yore – in order to create it’s new Volta saddle.

Since there were so few choices back then, perhaps that was the mitigating reason why so few riders were persnickety about their saddles ? Then again, maybe the Condor, Selle Italia and other saddles of old were not so uncomfortable after all ? Fizi:k seems to think so. 

Indeed, according to the Italian saddle maker, the overall shape and curve of most saddles from the 1970′s and 1980′s varied by less than 5% between models. Capitalizing on this general shape, Fizi:k used rapid prototyping methods and rider feedback to design and test it’s new Volta saddle. 

What emerged, was a more comfortable, modern day saddle that extolled all of the virtues of it’s predecessors – with lighter and more advanced materials.

The Volta is offered in two models, the flagship R1 and the more price conscientious R3.

By using a carbon fiber core and foam padding that’s directly injected onto the shell, along with a Microtex cover and one piece carbon fiber rail, the design yields an exceptionally light saddle of only 165g. 

To keep costs down, the R3 uses a fiberglass and thermoplastic composite construction, along with alloy rails.  This adds considerable weight to the R3. Still, at 203g, it’s by no means a heavy saddle.

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