- - Helios: GPS-Powered Handlebars: Texting Capabilities

Helios: GPS-Powered Handlebars: Texting Capabilities

makes your bike "smart."

Helios Bars boast an integrated headlight and two rear LEDs, and riders can use the left and right lights as turn signals. But what sets the product apart is the ability to connect handlebars to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Using smartphone connectivity though Helios’ iOS app, the rear lights on the handlebars take advantage of a GPS connection — so they can help you navigate via Google Maps’API. After inputting a destination into Helios’ app, your phone plots a route. Then, once you start biking, the rear left and right lights blink, indicating where to turn.

The rear lights also change color based on your speed. "

. "It’s actually providing information to you and other people on the road such as cars. And this is improving your riding experience as a rider because you have all these cool effects, but it also is keeping you safer on the road."

The handlebars also feature proximity lighting — the headlight turns on or off depending on how close you are to the — and a low-power GPS module that serves as a bike tracker. Pay-as-you-go SIM card users can send their bikes SMS text messages and, in turn, receive a link with their bike’s location.

The handlebars are powered by two rechargeable batteries, and can only be installed using special screws with a provided tool.

Helios to raise $70,000. As of Tuesday afternoon, it had already raised more than $17,000.

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