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Johan Museeuw

A belated happy birthday to Johan Museeuw who was born on October 13, 1965. 

Museeuw was one of the most successful one-day classics riders during his 16 1/2 year career, beginning in the  late 1980’s through 2004.

Museeuw was nicknamed the "Lion of Flanders" because of his success in the Tour of Flanders Classic where he shares the record of three victories with Achiel Buysse of Belgium, Fiorenzo Magni of Italy, and Eric Leman of Belgium.Museeuw also won the Paris-Roubaix Classic three times. In addition, he finished second once and third twice.

-Museeuw won the 1996 Paris-Roubaix Classic in front of Gianluca Bortolami  

 and Andrea Tafi of Italy.

-Museeuw won the 2000 Paris-Roubaix Classic in front of Peter Van Petegem

 of Belgium and Erik Zabel of


-Museeuw won the 2002 Paris-Roubaix Classic in front of Steffen Wesemann

 of Germany and Tom Boonen of  


In addition, Museeuw was 2nd in 2001 to Servais Knaven of Holland. Museeuw was also 3rd in 1995, behind Franco Ballerini of Italy and Andrei Tchmil of Russia, and was 3rd in 1997, behind Frederic Guesedon of France and Jo Planckaert of Belgium.

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