- - Phoshbikes' Olympia 849 Superbike

Phoshbikes' Olympia 849 Superbike


Located in the UK, Poshbikes is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating ultra lightweight road bikes. Behold their latest creation – the "uber" equipped Olympia 849 super bike.
The 849 marks the 120th anniversary for the Italian company. And, at 849g it’s also their lightest frame to date. But, rather than me ramble about it, I’ll simply provide a list of it’s accouterments, and let the aficionados glean from there. 

Component List:

Olympia 859 54cm frame: 874g

Olympia 859 carbon fork, uncut steerer: 365g
AX 3000 carbon brake calipers: 82.9g for the pair
ZX Zeus 11cm stem: 61g
Schmolke TLO carbon handlebar: 138.6g
Schmolke TLO carbon post: 70.2g
Clavicula cranks: 338.1g
Campagnolo Super Record Ergos: 333.3g
Campagnolo Super Record front mech: 66.1g
Campagnolo Super Record rear mech: 141.8g
Billet 7075 alloy cassette: 97.7g
KMC X11 SL chain – 112 links: 221.4g
Tune Mag 90 CX Super Skyliner rear wheel: 445g
Tune Mig 45 CX Super Skyliner front wheel: 353g
Carbon 50/34t chainrings: 49.3g
Ceramic headset: 52.3g
Tune carbon brake shoes x4: 25.5g
Corima brake pads x4: 8.4g
Power Cordz gear and brake cables: 17.6g
Tufo Elite 110 tubular tyres: 192g
Tune Concord Carbon saddle: 35.1g
Tune Skyline bottle cage: 3.4g
Tune Skyline skewers: 17.1g
Tune Wurger Skyline seatpost clamp: 6.4g
Schmolke headset cap: 3.5g


Poshbikes are the most exclusive bespoke bicycle service on the planet. Bringing together the finest, highest performance products the cycle industry has to offer to provide you with the worlds ‘Ultimate Bicycles & Components’.

Poshbikes is the brainchild of the Wallis family, who have been in the business of hi-end bicycle design and manufacture since the 1920′s. offers three generations of bicycling expertise worldwide at the touch of a button.

We import, distribute and retail the worlds most advanced, technically superior and prestigious brands the cycle industry has to offer and our bespoke bicycles have been widely featured in the worlds leading publications. In 2011 we won both ‘Bicycle of the year’ and ‘Superbike of the year’ in Cycling Plus magazine and Poshbikes is the only cycle company to be featured in Esquire magazine, as “The ultimate in bicycle design” and “Best of British”!

Our customers are not only world-renowned professional athletes or celebrities, they are discerning bicycle enthusiasts from all walks of life who know what they want and trust us to supply a product to the highest specification whether it’s a single bolt, saddle or complete bicycle.

As qualified designers and engineers we run the strictest testing programs on every single product we supply. We are also involved in the development of brand new cycling innovations and we are often able to incorporate these into our bespoke service, meaning our customers can order unique components, available from us and only us.

At Poshbikes every aspect of a component is considered. To be the lightest in the world is pointless if it limits its lifespan, or does not achieve its intended purpose i.e. a brake must stop you, a derailleur must change gear and a frame must be an efficient chassis. Every item supplied through Poshbikes is in our opinion the best of the best and is not only light weight, but durable and will out perform the competition in every respect!

We are very proud to have been chosen by the cycle worlds leading hi-end brands as their UK distributor, allowing you the chance to purchase many of the lightest, fastest and most exclusive components through your local bicycle dealer (Please contact us for a list of Poshbikes recommended dealers).

2013 sees the opening of our own Poshbikes store. The ‘Poshbikes Atelier’ is a Mecca for the true cycling enthusiast with the ultimate selection of exotic bicycles and components on view in store. This year also sees the launch of ‘Wallis Racing’ components, each manufactured by our suppliers to our own unique specification to create a group of products that work in perfect harmony together to produce the ultimate bicycle accessory range.

If you’re looking for

  • The most desirable, high performance and lightweight componentry available
  • Bicycles designed to your exact specification and our specialist recommendation
  • Exclusive and extraordinary custom details
  • Bicycles built with extreme care and expertise
  • A personalised and friendly service from start to finish
  • The ultimate bicycle or components money can buy…?

You’ve come to the right place

Poshbikes Atelier

For the first time in nearly 80 years we have returned to our roots and opened a unique high-end store & showroom.

We have spent many years promoting and distributing our specialist brands throughout the UK with fantastic results, although such rapid expansion has forced our relocation. Poshbikes new headquarters consolidates warehousing, workshops, offices and three dedicated showrooms under one roof where customers can view & purchase our unique products.

Our website has been a huge success, especially in these internet lead times and of course our internet window and mail order sales will continue as usual, although there’s no substitute to actually seeing or touching the real thing while discussing your requirements with qualified engineers, mechanics and highly skilled specialists before making your purchase.

The Poshbikes Atelier is not your traditional bike shop, its a home from home where cycling enthusiasts can relax in comfort while discussing one to one their needs and requirements with their own personal bicycle designer. The layout of our studio space allows you to view our range of products in an airy & uncluttered gallery style environment whilst creating your own unique Poshbike or deciding which of our components will best upgrade your existing bicycle. We have range of bicycles & components the likes of which you’ll find nowhere else in the world, as well as few crazy show bikes & one-off prototypes thrown in for good measure to wet your appetite…

The Poshbikes Atelier is open for appointments between 9.00 am & 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday with ample secure parking and nearby rail links. Contact us now to make an appointment with your personal bicycle designer and take the first step towards Poshbikes ownership.

Poshbikes Brands

Poshbikes/Wallis Products Limited is UK importer and distributor for the following brands:
(In alphabetical order)

  • Abbey Lubricants
  • AX-Lightness Bicycles & Components
  • BK-Composites Components
  • Braking Disc Rotors & Pads
  • Engage Components
  • FMB Hand Made Tubular Tyres
  • German-A Suspension Forks
  • M5 Ligfeisten Components
  • Mcfk Carbon Components
  • Olympia Bicycles
  • Reset-Racing Components
  • Scapin Bicycles
  • Schmolke Carbon Components
  • Schmolke Titan Frames
  • SRM Powermeters
  • Steinbach Components
  • THM Carbones Components
  • Tune Components
  • WR Compositi Bicycles & Components


Boasting an impressive 118 years in business, Cicli Olympia‘s history goes back a long way.

With its passion for cycling and zest for business, the Fontana family has made this company an important part of the history of this sport; by following the changes and keeping up with innovations in technology, Cicli Olympia has developed into the manufacturer that all the champions in the cycling world look to.
An ever growing firm, Cicli Olympia is flying the flag for Italian manufacturing all over the world.

Olympia‘ success is attributable to a careful balance of technology and craftwork, and a mixture of ability and research. The wide range of models produced, the quality guaranteed – which has always ensured the Olympia brand stands out from the rest -, together with the value placed on the craft approach and professionalism, combine to make up the philosophy that Vittorio and Paolo Fontana, cousins and heirs of a great tradition, still pursue today.

Under their leadership, Cicli Olympia has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts a substantial manufacturing output in a specialised field; all the production is contained in the company’s cutting-edge plant, located in Piove di Sacco, while the network of 400 Olympia stores spread throughout Italy offers the general public a unique, high-quality retail service.


A prestigious ultra light new frame for 2014, featuring an outstanding clear-cut design. The vertical tube sees a return to the seat post diameter of 27.2 mm,  while the upper chain stays are straight, just like the classics in the super light categories. The precious T1000, thanks to an extremely high breaking loadenables the use of less raw material, lightening the frame; the M40J, unique for its extremely high specific module, is used on the head tube with T800s for maximum resistance to stress; and the T800 strategically positioned on the bottom bracket joint.

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