- - Power2max to Launch Track Power Meters

Power2max to Launch Track Power Meters

Spotted at last fall’s Interbike show, Power2max recently announced the launch of their much anticipated range of powers specifically designed for "track" use. 

The new power meters differentiate themselves from other models by using 144mm spacing in order to achieve an optimal "chainline" for fixed gear track bikes.

However, there are a few differences with the cranks with regard to  calibration. Namely, their lack of the auto-zero function will require users to zero calibrate the meters before starting. In addition, the battery was moved inboard as to reduce the "Q" factor in order to accommodate "aero" chainrings. Furthermore, an external LED light has been added to let users know when it’s time to charge the battery.

Four models will be offered: Rotor 3D without cranks, Rotor 3D with cranks, 3D+with cranks and 3D30 without cranks. Retail is $1,079 to $1,449, and initially they’ll be available in very limited quantities.

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