- - PowerTap Offers Trade-In Program

PowerTap Offers Trade-In Program

The Saris Group, owners of PowerTap, announced a new trade-in program this month for current owners. 

From PowerTap

Today PowerTap launched a trade in for cyclists who train with power. Now through November 30th, the trade in program will allow cyclists to upgrade to the most accurate power meter on the market. In exchange for an old or ineffective power meter, PowerTap will offer up to a 30% discount on select wheelsets.

“This trade in program offers an ideal opportunity for cyclists to upgrade to a better product with better accuracy,” said Justin Henkel, PowerTap Product Manager. “With over a decade in the industry, PowerTap offers a long standing record on being tested, trusted, true. It’s our slogan for a reason, after all.”

PowerTap will utilize their industry-leading customer service team for this trade in program. Power meter owners interested in trading up will need to contact the PowerTap customer service team at 1-800-246-5975 and let them know what power meter they’d like to exchange. From there, customers will be given a unique discount code for use on and will be provided a return authorization to facilitate the shipment of their exchanged power meter.

The following power meters are eligible for the PowerTap trade in program: iBike, Garmin Vector, Pioneer, Power2Max, Quarq, Rotor Power, SRM, Stages, PowerTap PowerCal and older PowerTap models. Offer only available to US residents.

As a power meter owner, the secrets of training with power aren’t lost on you. You know what it’s like to ride with burning legs, closely watching your watts hit a specific training zone. You also know how important it is for that data to be spot-on accurate. So why not trade up to the most accurate power meter on the market and raise your game?

And if you already own a PowerTap, let’s get you set-up with the latest hub technology we have to offer.

Today’s the day you enhance your training. Trade in that old or ineffective power meter. Here’s how:

  • Contact our customer service team. You can reach them at or 1-800-246-5975 Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. CST or 9 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. CST Friday, and let them know what you want to trade in. Here’s a list of power meters that we’ll gladly take off your hands.
  • Get your discount code. A customer service representative will give you a discount code for so you can upgrade your power meter. They’ll also provide you with a return authorization number.
  • Mail us your old power meter. Use your return authorization number to ship us your old power meter. Please make sure that the return authorization is attached to the parcel.
  • ShopThis is the best part.

Power meters we’ll accept for our trade in promotion:

  • iBike
  • Garmin Vector
  • Older PowerTap models
  • Pioneer
  • Power2Max
  • PowerCal Heart Rate Strap
  • Quarq
  • Rotor Power
  • SRM
  • Stages

Stipulations: This promotion is for customers in the USA only. Limit one trade in per customer. Trade in offer ends November 14, 2014. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

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