- - Strava Launches New Mobile App

Strava Launches New Mobile App

Strava’s mobile app version just got a whole lot more feature rich.

The new version now allows usurers to share more pictures, Kudos and comments over social networks. In addition,  the app is now available in 11 different languages including Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Traditional Chinese making ride sharing more global. There’s is even the ability to select a pair of running shoes or bike for each activity – providing a virtual odometer to see how many miles your gear has endured. Here’s a look.

What’s New:

  • Photos – Users can upload photos through Instagram that will appear in their Stava feed. Originally introduced for, the feature now comes to mobile.
  • Comments and Kudos – have been made easier to give out, now requiring a single tap.
  • Grouped Activities – rides with more than one person will show up as a group.
  • Maps – Now friend’s activities will show up with a GPS tracked route on a map tile like they do on the web.
  • Social Sharing – A one tap icon makes it even easier to annoy your friends on facebook, Path, and Twitter.

Strava 4.0 is available in the App Store and Google Play now, for free. It is also available with a premium membership that offers improved analytics and new real time notifications with audio updates at the beginning, middle, and end of segments. Premium memberships run $6 a month, or $59 a year.

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