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Vanderkitten VIP Program

The best word to describe one of our favorite women’s cycling apparel companies, is with a "meow". And, the best to describe their efforts to support women cyclists and get them on their bikes, is with a "purr" !

Check out Vanderkitten’s VIP program, which helps  promote "Woman Who Kick Ass" – get on their bikes.

Vanderkitten VIPs are the brand ambassador arm of an inspirational brand for Women Who Kick Ass!

Traditionally the VIP group has seen a high concentration in cycling and 2015 will see some diversification in this mix to help VK promote Woman Who Kick Ass in more sports. The idea behind the VIP program is to create a community of strong women who inspire and mentor one another to achieve new goals and push their limits. This platform facilitates hundreds of like-minded women to connect with each other and we can only hope that it continues to play such an important role in so many lives. We have had a lot of success over the past 2 years developing this unique approach and look forward to witnessing how amazing it can become. With your help and involvement, the sky is truly the limit!

This year there will be 3 levels of financial investment and product reward ranging from just a modest club membership fee to the full cycling kit option. We understand that being a VIP might not be for everyone, so we want to be as clear as possible with our new applicants and returning members.

The Perks:

-Vanderkitten VIPs have a special edition kit they are able to purchase. Not only is this kit unique to the VIPs, it’s discounted from retail.
-We have a private Facebook Page that all VIPs use to meet one another, discuss a variety of topics, and schedule events.
-Throughout the year we have special VIP events, cycling training camps for many levels, California Wine Country rides, mountain biking trips (all disciplines), and more!

At these events you will receive guidance from Vanderkitten Elite and Professional athletes along with many other awesome perks
-VIPs are sometimes featured on the site, on the Vanderkitten Facebook page and other social media.

-All VIP levels include a discount on the entire Vanderkitten product catalog (yep, no joke)


The VK VIP Facebook Page:

The culture of the VIPs is fostered through a private Facebook page. We chose this over a forum for its ease to implement and ease to connect through. Participation in discussions is always encouraged and there will be Vanderkitten Elite Athletes on the page frequently. We have seen many great friendships spark by the connections made on this page and there is a constant stream of great stories and conversations that everyone can participate in. Last year there were nearly 200 women in the group from all over the world!

VIP Expectations:

-Be a Leader in your community
-Set at least one goal for something you have never done before
-Achieve stated goal this season (2015)
-Be involved in your local athletic community
-Try something new (sports, food, music, whatever!) and share with other VIPs
-Adhere to rules and expectations of the VIP Program
-Try to make yourself available to host Vanderkitten Athletes and VIPs on their adventures
-Always strive to put your best foot forward
-Grow from adversity

The Kits and Clothing:

-VIPs will be offered a chance to purchase a limited edition kit that designates you as a “VIP”.

These full custom kits and jerseys will be available during 2, limited pre-order opportunities and not available for standard retail.
-VIPs will be given opportunities to participate in product development with Vanderkitten.
-VIPs have a special section of the Vanderkitten site to shop for items at deep discounts.
-VIPs earn a yearly discount on the entire product offering from

Now, the Nitty Gritty:

If you have been a VIP, you will need to reapply. This is the accountability measure to make sure you achieved what you set out to do in 2014. If you haven’t achieved all of your goals for 2014, don’t fret, just let us know what happened and how you intend to achieve that goal this year. Also, this is an easy exit point for those who are ready for their next chapter. For new applicants, this is the place to start. You MUST complete the enrollment questionnaire either way. There is a 2-week application window, and we have 3 levels with limited enrollment numbers for each level. We will be accepting candidates on a rolling basis, but due to the level of inquiries, we reserve the right to wait until the end of our enrollment to make final announcements.

If you have specific questions about the program, please email us!

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