- - ABUS Introduces the 440A Alarm U-Lock

ABUS Introduces the 440A Alarm U-Lock

The ABUS has introduced a new bicycle lock called the 440A U-lock, which adds a new 100db alarm system and 3D Position Detection System to the German brand’s already proven rock-solid design. 

The core of the lock is ABUS’ reliable steel lock body and 12mm round shackle, which is tough enough to deter theft on its own. However, add in the 100db alarm (as loud as a circular saw ABUS claims) and it’s enough to scare away most thieves.

The intelligent alarm system is powered by long-lasting coin cell batteries for ease of use. Small bumps trigger warning beeps, while continued movement triggers the full ear-splitting alarm.

The lock is available in a pocket-sized “mini” 6.3 inch shackle version or the standard  9 inch size.

Both sizes come with the Tex USH bracket, featuring a silicone impregnated strap, which makes installation on any tube shape a cinch. 





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