- - Adidas Launches New Sport Series of Eyewear

Adidas Launches New Sport Series of Eyewear

Adidas has launched its latest Sport series of eyewear, featuring a lightweight, wrap-around design that offers a shield-like fit to ensure style, performance and protection thanks to new HDC lenses, adjustable nose pads and flexible temples for optional comfort and maximum grip – regardless of the activity.

“Sport moves and identifies us. We want to inspire and allow all athletes to be and stay more active and motivated at any level. Sport helps athletes improve their performance to join and stay in sport, to raise their performance, to better themselves and society. Our Sport Eyewear collection reflects this same promise. Designed to optimize results, riding or running on any terrain, offering the best comfort, these two new styles are the perfect combination of style and high technology to achieve the top results,” boasts Adidas. 

The Adidas Sport SP0057 is the simpler of the two models, which features a full-frame design in three colorways, along with three lens color choices for $175.00.


The $225.00 Adidas Sport SP0041 has a reverse half-rim flexible frame that’s designed to maximize ventilation, while the new adjustable nose pads with low relief sweat drainers add to this frame’s performance.

Additionally, the Vario photochromic lenses made with a patented molded-in film technology to ensure the highest optical quality and a uniform color transition in varying light conditions. 

The Sport SP00041 is also treated to a Super clear coating that protects the mirrored lenses from water, dirt, grease and oily smears, making them easy to clean.


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