- - Atelier Cycles Launches New Custom Multi-Tool

Atelier Cycles Launches New Custom Multi-Tool


The idea behind Atelier Cycles’ Custom Multi-Tool was simple, they wanted to give cyclists the exact tools they needed to fix their bike when out on the road – in a neat, high quality package. In a word, Atelier Cycles wanted to offer cyclists – a “choice”.

It’s not uncommon for a cyclist to discover, that even the most versatile multi-tools may not always have the right tool – especially if you’re a Campagnolo lover with it’s torx fittings.

According to the founder, Nelson Trees, this is precisely what happened to him when he was racing in the unsupported Transcontinental Race, which travels from Belgium to Istanbul.

Trees says, despite having a good multi tool, it was missing the one Allen key he needed – something all of us cyclists have experienced at one time or another.

As a result, Trees vowed to create a better solution for cyclists. And, thus was born, the Atelier Cycles Custom Multi-Tool.

At last, cyclists can choose the particular tools they need, and Atelier Cycles will assemble it for them, making each tool unique that fits the individual needs of the cyclist without compromise.

Trees has currently undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, as a means of raising support to get his multi-tool into full production and into the jersey pockets of cyclists everywhere.

To learn more about Atelier Cycle’s Multi-Tool, check out their Kickstarter page here. 



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The Base Tool:

The basis of the tool are two forged and CNC machined 7075 T6 aerospace grade aluminium side plates. We’ve tried a lot of multi tools in the development of this project and found that a nice smooth outer surface is best for gripping the tool. On the inside face we have a forged indent that lightens the tool while maintaining strength. All our side plates are hard anodized to keep them looking nice for as long as possible and provide a splash of colour. The Atelier logo will actually look a lot more like the drawing below, and not the prototypes which have much blockier letters due to the way they were made (CNC machined).

The Tool Options:

When choosing our tool supplier we wanted the best available. We went with a Taiwanese factory that offers Chrome Vanadium tools that are forged and then CNC machined before being chrome plated for durability. The symmetrical design is both nicer to look at and makes for a more compact tool.

We offer all the tool options that a cyclist could need. 


Chain Tool:

Our chain tool is a custom design and is made of investment cast stainless steel. We chose stainless steel over aluminium as we wanted something durable, that will not fail when out on a ride. It also features two common spoke wrench sizes (3.22 & 3.45) as well as a tool for Mavic nipples.


Right now we have one accessory to go with your Custom Multi Tool (these count as one of your tools in the minimalist package).

Clip-on Plastic Tire Levers: These handy little plastic tire levers slip onto the tool itself and stay in place because of the tight fit.



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