- - BeBop Introduces New Smart Helmet Sensor System

BeBop Introduces New Smart Helmet Sensor System


BeBop has introduced a new Smart Helmet Sensor System, marking the first helmet system to employ a Force Location Sensor System which uses the company’s revolutionary flexible fabric sensors for high resolution, location-specific impact information. 

BeBop’s Smart Helmet Sensor System is the first to capture a complete high-speed movie of the entire impact incident from the head’s point of view, providing real-time feedback with a customizable set of commands to a paired Bluetooth device for first responders and post-trauma study.

According to BeBop, their Smart Helmet System provides state-of-the-art analysis tools that track the exact impact location and velocity thresholds. The system can also be programmed to trigger safety response commands, such as an emergency call or other response.

While other safety helmets deploy accelerometer based technology, Bebop says they don’t have the ability to detect the exact impact point and history, causing false triggers during accidental drops. Bebop achieves the ability to track exact impact point by using a latticed array of over 40 sensors embedded in the helmet liner, so multiple impacts are tracked and recorded in real-time and stored in F-RAM.

The BeBop Smart Helmet System uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection for data transmission, measuring 6-axis IMU acceleration up to 160 Gravities. Upon first indication of a potential incident, the sensor wakes up within milliseconds, then scans the entire skull 400 times per second, storing 16 seconds of event data internally, awaiting download. The lattice sensor arrangement allows custom design for any OEM helmet across innumerable use cases where intelligent, real-time monitoring safety mechanisms are required.

“Strikes to the pterion (temple area) are far more dangerous than to the frontal bone. Knowing where the strike originated and how it propagates during the event can provide valuable first responder information as well as input for decision making to dial an emergency 911 number for assistance,” said Keith McMillen, BeBop Founder and CEO.

BeBop will be showcasing its Smart Helmet Sensor System at this week’s IDTechEx Wearable USA Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California. 



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