- - Bjōrn Offers 3D-Printed Setka Saddle

Bjōrn Offers 3D-Printed Setka Saddle

Known for its boutique carbon cockpit bits and pieces, Bjōrn offers its latest 3D-printed saddle called the Setka, touting its scant 132 grams as being the lightest perch of its kind.

Produced in partnership with the US-based company Carbon, Inc., its Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology allows for all of the Setka’s parts to be made with exceptional precision, especially the saddle’s 3D printed padding, which features progressive density from front to rear in order to accommodate both soft and hard tissue.

“The 3D printing technology makes it possible to create very complex structures. We aimed to find a solution when there are no overloaded zones during the ride, and as a result of tests and many development iterations, we got the saddle that supports you in any riding conditions. The front part of the pad is softer to relieve the load from soft tissues if a rider is sitting in an aggressive position. And the rear part is more rigid to provide a stable position during an uphill. To achieve this, we used different testing methods, including a pressure mapping system. We used it to adjust the pad stiffness to eliminate any numbness,” explains the Slovenian brand.

Offered in widths of 142mm and 155mm, the Setka sells for a hefty $420.


  • Rails: Carbon 7×9
  • Base: Carbon
  • Cover: 3D printed padding
  • Weight: 132 grams for 143 mm wide saddle
  • Width: 143 mm or 155 mm
  • Length: 250mm
  • Rail to saddle topper: 35 to 45 mm depending on the position against seatpost
  • Max rider’s weight: 120 kg. You can secure a saddlebag under 10 kg.
  • Max rail tightening torque: 5 N*m





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