- - Bont Unveils New Reflex Collection of Cycling Shoes

Bont Unveils New Reflex Collection of Cycling Shoes

Lighter, Stronger, Faster and Safer are three words that come to mind when describing Bont’s latest collection of cycling shoes called Reflex.

“Featuring the latest in retroreflective technology, the all-new Reflex collection redefines performance once again with improved safety and visibility wrapped around two flagship models, the Vaypor S and Helix,” says Bont.

According to Bont, its new Reflex collection features the latest in reflective technology, which incorporates an all-new retroreflective skin that’s embedded into the Durolite upper and wraps around the full length of the shoe, resulting in increased visibility and safety with zero weight penalty.

The Reflex collection includes Bont’s Ghost and Havoc colorways, and as mentioned is available across the Vaypor S and Helix models.

You can learn more about Bont’s new Reflex Collection here.

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