- - Bookman Curve Light Offers 360 Degrees of Visibility

Bookman Curve Light Offers 360 Degrees of Visibility

Bookman’s new Curve Light is designed to “show cyclists the way”, offering 360 degrees of visibility thanks to an innovative glass design that not only provides front and rear illumination, but spills light side-to-side as well.

Compact and easily attachable, the front Curve Light boasts a maximum brightness of 220 lumens, while the rear light has a maximum brightness of 37 lumens, along with run times of up to 70 hours and 32 hours, respectively.

Additionally, the new lights are completely weather-resistant (IP44), allowing them to endure rain, hail and snow.

Not surprisingly, the Curve Light was awarded the prestigious ABC Mobility Award for outstanding product design.

The Curve Light sells for €75.00 for the set, which packs a two-year warranty.

You can learn more about the Curve Light by visiting Bookman’s website here.


  • Five light modes: High, High Flashing, Mid, Low and Low Flashing.
  • Quickly rechargeable with USB
  • Size: 57 mm x 30 mm x 35 mm 
  • Weight: 46 g
  • Colors: Grey, black, white, orange, green, beige, blue

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