- - BSXInsight Gets Updated with Improved App and Connectivity

BSXInsight Gets Updated with Improved App and Connectivity

In the past, we’ve written in-depth articles about the function and attributes of BSX’s Insight wearable lactate threshold sensor. But, without getting into all that gubbins again, BSX has updated their device, to include an improved app and the ability to communicate with third-party devices. 

Indeed, the Insight can now connect via ANT+ to any compatible sport watch or cycling computer, and display data in real time. In addition, thanks to BSX’s newly revised app, the Insight can now provide users with new features such as an interactive tutorial, real-time muscle oxygenation readouts, social functions, using any Bluetooth Smart iOS or Android device. Moreover, the Insight can now link to BSX’s new web-based dashboard – for even greater breakdown of data and analysis. 

BSX’s CEO, Dr. Dustin Freckleton, is touting the new virtues of the Insight by saying: “similar to heart-rate training, muscle oxygenation can help [better] understand your daily training. Where heart-rate is influenced by conditional factors like stress, temperature, sleep, and hydration, [oxygenation] is constant, more dependable, and accurate… [and] much more immediate.”

BSX is offering the Insight in three versions, the BSX Insight XR2 running edition ($300), XC2 cycling edition ($370) and the XM2 multi-sport edition ($420).

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