- - Bugatti Offers Super Exclusive PG Bike

Bugatti Offers Super Exclusive PG Bike

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Bugatti has partnered with some of the most prestigious bike brands and engineers, to create what may every well be the most exclusive (and perhaps expensive) cruiser style bike ever conceived – the PG Bugatti Bike.

Working with bicycle engineer, Manuel Ostner, who came to prominence after founding the upscale custom hybrid and Ebike brand Pimp Garage in 2004, the PG was developed to reward Bugatti owners with the opportunity to own a bespoke bike that nicely complimented their Chiron supercar.

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Those fortunate to be part of this exclusive club, are able to choose amongst special paints and various colors of carbon fiber, as well as a selection of premium leather, to personalize their PG bike


Bugatti turned to the German company, Kussmaul, to manufacture the PG, which is carried out in its entirety at the company’s facility in Weinstadt.


The PG’s frameset and components are comprised almost entirely of carbon fiber, which is sourced from the renown composites experts, Merelli, the same firm that provides carbon fiber for Bugatti’s automobiles. 

The PG is further punctuated by componentry sourced from some of the most revered brands in the bike industry, such as Lightweight, Schmolke, THM Carbones and Tune. 

We mentioned the PG was expensive, right?

How does $39,000 strike you?



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