- - Catlike Launches New Kilauea Road Helmet

Catlike Launches New Kilauea Road Helmet

The folks at Catlike need to stop acting like pussies and finally open up a viable distribution channel to these shores so us yanks can indulge in some of their groovy stuff like the new Kilauea road helmet, which was introduced during this month’s Eurobike show. 

Indeed, Catlike remains an elusive brand here in the USA, continuously tantalizing and titillating us americanos with exciting helmets and road shoes that punctuate the pro peloton everywhere but here.

While the new Kilauea features a different arrangement of vents that distinguishes it from previous models, it nevertheless carries-forth Catlike’s signature aesthetics, albeit with a new large center vent at the front of the helmet.

Like other premium Catlike helmets, the Kilauea comprises the same graphene reinforced aramid fiber net and co-molded EPS foam shell, which weighs in at a feathery 225g in a size medium. 

So, how can one of us gringos get our hands on one?

You can try ordering one through Catlike’s website in Spain.

Good luck with that. 

more from Catlike…

To be Catlike is to be different. It is feeling the passion for cycling from deep within, a simple desire that excites you and thrills you to the core.

From that emotion, Kilauea is born, the new helmet from Catlike. A helmet that retains the identity of the Spanish brand, with its oval inspiration but which appears as a totally new, redesigned helmet. A semi-armored helmet that adapts to all weather conditions thanks to the excellent ventilation system that has always been the hallmark of Catlike. All this including a heart with the strength of a rock thanks to its internal mesh of aramid and graphene.

Kilauea also recreates forms that nature itself has shown to be the most aerodynamic, purely organic. The result is a unique helmet with a unique and unmistakable design with a central and front ventilation channel that is the signature of Catlike in this new model. Catlike identity taken to the next level.



  • SMALL | 52-54cm | 215gr
  • MEDIUM | 55-57cm | 225gr
  • LARGE | 58-60cm | 240gr

TECHNOLOGIES: Internal mesh of aramid&graphene | vDivisor | Oval organic design | MPS eVo 2 retention



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