- - Challenge Expands Its Range with New Cyclocross-Specific Tires

Challenge Expands Its Range with New Cyclocross-Specific Tires

It seems not all things rubber are aimed at the gravel and bikepacking segments these days, as Challenge has added new models to its cyclocross-specific Grifo and Limus range of tires.

For this season, Challenge will make its Grifo and Limus treads available at 38mm in tubular and tubeless-compatible models. Both come with handmade 300-tpi casings; the tubulars have latex tubes and the tubeless-compatible versions are compatible with hookless rims. The Grifo model will be available first with the Limus mud-specific tread to follow this year. The tubeless models retail for $85 and the tubulars are $89. The Grifo and Limus also continue to be available in 33mm width.

The only downside, is given their 38mm width, they extend outside of the UCI’s limit on 33mm tires for competition.  

Challenge also is launching a new 320-tpi handmade version of its Grifo and Limus tires in 33mm, which feature a red “team edition” cotton casing that retail for $99. 

Additionally, Challenge is launching a new cyclocross tread that made its debut under the auspices of last season’s CX World Champion Tom Pidcock. Nicknamed the “New Baby Limus”at the time, the new model has been given the moniker the “Flandrien.”

Challenge continues to sell through distributors and is adding a dealer direct program this year, with sales reps lined up in several territories.

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