- - "CleanSpace" App Warns Cyclists About Pollution Exposure

“CleanSpace” App Warns Cyclists About Pollution Exposure


After a successful launch last September, CleanSpace is an effective app that can warn cyclists about potentially dangerous pollution exposure, by providing them with real-time air quality readings.

By using a technology called FreeVolt, the CleanSpace Tag (sensor) can basically harness ‘free volts’ from a wide variety of RF broadcasts signals to provide free, perpetual energy for its app.

From there, the CleanSpace Tag can provide cyclists with current air pollution information by syncing the data to any smartphone via the CleanSpace app, while also having the ability to share collected air quality readings with other users within the CleanSpace network. 

The CleanSpace network, which is separate from the app, can track cyclists’ journeys with the CleanSpace app, and deliver local air pollution information so other cyclists can choose the cleanest routes.

In addition, the CleanSpace app can also reward cyclists with CleanMiles, which can then be converted to perks from the network’s participating partners.

To learn more about CleanSpace, you can visit their website at: CleanSpace


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