- - Could this be the World's Largest Collection of Team "Kits"?

Could this be the World’s Largest Collection of Team “Kits”?

Melbourne’s Lee ‘Hollywood’ Turner is a super colorful character and a fixture in the Aussie cycling culture who happens to love cycling kits.

In fact, he may very well posses the world’s largest collection of authentic team kits.

The following video goes deep into Turner’s collection, which at this point comprises some 170 kits that culled from around the world, often sourcing these coveted togs directly from the ex-pros themselves.

And to think that I brag about having a vintage Mapei cycling cap.  😉 

Enjoy the video as Turner walks us through his most outlandish, controversial and favorite cycling kits.


Video produced by cycling content creator Cam Nicholls, with images provided by the bicycle marketplace Bike Chaser.

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