- - Easton Treats Gravel Cyclists to New EC90 ALX Wheelset

Easton Treats Gravel Cyclists to New EC90 ALX Wheelset

Easton has targeted gravel cyclists with the launch of its new EC90 ALX wheelset, treating them to improved aerodynamics and a wider internal width to accommodate larger volume tires, targeting both speed and comfort when tackling the rigors of gravel grinding

“Our design intent with the EC90 ALX wheelset was to further elevate gravel bike speed through improved wheel aerodynamics and ride dynamics while continuing on legendary Easton product durability,” says Easton.

The EC90 ALX features a rim profile of 36mm, along with an internal width of 24mm, sweet spots for both performance and aerodynamic efficiency claims Easton, allowing gravelers to run tires ranging from 33c to 50c, while heavy-duty seals are used to combat the harsh riding conditions that gravel cycling imposes.

Offered in 700c only, the $1,398.00 EC90 ALX tips the scales at an impressive 1,492g, which is compatible with Centerlock brake rotors with a maximum size of 180mm.







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