- - Elegance Punctuates Cattelan Cycles' Collection of Artisan Bikes

Elegance Punctuates Cattelan Cycles’ Collection of Artisan Bikes

Cattelan Cycles’ collection of bikes are easily some of the most elegant and beautifully crafted two-wheeled objets d’art to behold, which hark back to the Golden Era of cycling of the late 1800’s.

Cattelan Cycles was started by the man from whom the brand derives its name, Sandro Cattelan, in 2015, with the desire to pay homage to the legendary bikes that marked the evolution of personal transportation.

For the purist, all of the ingredients are there: Italian craftsmanship steeped in tradition, faithful reproduction of period frame designs and components and perhaps most importantly, the use of venerable Columbus steel. 

From there, the bikes are further embellished with bespoke components and accessories with the highest attention to detail given such as chromed, hand-bent handlebars, handmade fine wood details, a handmade Florentine leather frame bag, handmade brass emblems, Ghisallo beech wood rims with carbon reinforcement, a period style wood-handled frame pump, vintage inspired hubs and a leather Brooks saddle.

Not surprisingly, each bike is custom-made by Cattelan Cycles to the client’s request including a choice of six exquisite colors and a matching frame pump.

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