- - ENVE Introduces New G Series Dropper Seatpost with Remote Lever

ENVE Introduces New G Series Dropper Seatpost with Remote Lever

ENVE has introduced its first G Series dropper seatpost, providing gravel cyclists with up to 40mm of travel in a sub-400 gram design. 

The G Series dropper seatpost features a 27.2mm diameter, with an overall length of 350mm that be trimmed by as much 130mm, resulting in 50 grams of weight savings, while the seatpost’s inverted design allows for a more reliable cartridge mechanism.

“With the steep and rocky Wasatch Mountains in our backyard and a long history of mountain bike innovation, we wanted dropper posts on our gravel bikes almost as soon as we started riding them. Initial prototypes proved to be just as useful out on the flint rock roads of Kansas when pedaling efficiency was demanded, but shorter descents warranted the improved handling a dropper provided. In line with the ethos of our gravel products to provide more confidence, the 40mm of drop puts a rider in a more comfortable and manageable position to descend faster. Similarly, by limiting the amount of drop travel to 40mm, we maintained a saddle position that still pedals efficiently in a dropped position for short periods of time. More travel meant restrictions for which bikes the post would be compatible with, but 40mm proved to be the sweet spot by keeping the entire package lightweight, serviceable, and saddle bag friendly,” says ENVE.

While the G Series dropper seatpost is designed primarily for drop-bar riding, ENVE says it can also be used on cross-country mountain bikes courtesy of shims that make it compatible with 30.9mm and 31.6mm seatpost clamps, while the seatpost’s two-bolt clamp can accommodate any rail type.

“The bike industry has primarily consolidated around a 27.2mm seatpost diameter, which is what the G Series Dropper Seatpost is designed around. However, there are quite a few bikes in the world, specifically mountain bikes, that use larger 30.9 and 31.6mm seatpost diameters. To accommodate this need, each dropper post includes alloy shims to achieve compatibility with these seat tube diameters. When researching the options on the market for gravel or short-travel dropper posts, we found that many dropper posts with traditional designs limited the range of riders that could use the post, usually due to the fact that the rider couldn’t put the dropper post low enough to achieve their saddle height. As such, we designed the G Series Dropper to achieve what is now the benchmark for stack height in the industry. A low stack height means that small riders or riders on a frame with high standovers who couldn’t run a dropper post before are now able to with the introduction of the G Series Dropper. We managed to achieve this low stack height by configuring the working internals of the seatpost to extend up through and beyond the seatpost’s saddle rail clamp,” explains ENVE.

ENVE has also introduced its G Series dropper seatpost remote lever, which can be activated with a finger from the hoods, or with a push on the thumb extension located on the drops that’s compatible with most cable-actuated dropper posts.

The G Series dropper seatpost sells for $325, while the remote lever costs $65.




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