- - ENVE Reintroduces SES Aero Road Bar with Improved Ergonomics and Integration

ENVE Reintroduces SES Aero Road Bar with Improved Ergonomics and Integration

ENVE announced a revised version of its popular SES Aero Road Bar today, which now features better electronic drivetrain compatibility, as well as improved aerodynamic profiling. 

According to ENVE, the new SES Aero Road Bar was reshaped in order to improve aerodynamic efficiency, while also providing better ergonomics and electronic groupset integration. 

To accomplish better electronic groupset integration, the new SES Aero Road Bar features full internal cable routing, along with specially developed bar-ends, which can now house Shimano’s Di2 junction boxes. 

The SES Aero Road Bar will be available in widths of 40cm, 42cm, 44cm and 46cm, and will retail for $400.00.  

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The Smart ENVE System (SES) Aero Road Bar is made from 100% uni-directional carbon fiber and is the stiffest, most race oriented handlebar in the ENVE handlebar product line. The SES road bar features internal routing of mechanical and electronic systems to further save valuable watts. To further the integration with electronic groups, the bar now accommodates the housing of a junction box in the bar end. The shape of the bar is wind-tunnel and CFD tested for aero efficiency. The bulk of aero gains are made by putting the rider’s body in a fast position which can be maintained for long periods of time without sacrificing power output. Improved rider positioning is achieved by keeping the top of the bar narrow to naturally ease riders into a more aero position. The drops of the handlebar are flared for wrist clearance and confident handling in technical sprints, criteriums and descents.


  • Weight 249g
  • Width (c to c) 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm
  • Reach )77mm
  • Drop 127mm
  • Clamp 31.8mm

Key Features:

  •  31.8 clamp size
  •  Dual internal routing for mechanical or electronic systems
  •  Compatible with SES clip on extensions• Optimized aero shape to minimize frontal area and reduce drag
  •  25mm drop flare for increased control and wrist clearance
  •  Ride tuned for road and triathlon racing
  •  ENVE’s integrated bar end plugs, or ShimanoDi2 Junction Box EW-RS910 compatible

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