- - FACTOR Bikes Launches PRISMA 3D Frame Customization Studio

FACTOR Bikes Launches PRISMA 3D Frame Customization Studio

FACTOR Bikes has launched its new PRISMA studio, a custom paint program and configurator that allows customers to customize their 02 frameset from amongst 2,688 different possible color combinations and finishes across two different design options.

This also includes the ability to customize the base color of the frame, artwork on the frame panels and logo, choosing from eight different colorways across gloss and matte finishes, as well as seven metallic equivalents.

Additionally, the PRISMA Studio has a 3D function that provides a 360-degree view of the design, as well as a zoom-in feature allowing for the finer details to be reviewed. Moreover, it also allows customers to share the results of their creative endeavors across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Getting started:

Accessible with one click from FACTOR’s homepage, PRISMA Studio couldn’t be easier to use, with just five simple steps:

  • Select frame type, either Equipe or Classic
  • Select frame finish, either gloss, matte or metallic
  • Then select a base color
  • Select a panel colour
  • And finally, select logo color

Once satisfied with the design, the customer then submits the enquiry and is put in touch with a local dealer to finalize the size and specification of the frame.

The frames will be painted locally for North American and European customers respectively, reducing delivery lead-times and enabling additional customisation options if desired.

Starting at $200 on top of the standard cost of the frameset, the customized frame can be delivered to an authorized FACTOR dealer in as quickly as three weeks from the date of order.

Other models will be added to the PRISMA Studio. However, should a customer desire a customized ONE, SLiCK or ViSTA frame currently, they can contact their local dealer for assistance.

“We are excited to launch this great new tool for potential customers and visitors to our website. It’s such a fun way to play with colours and finishes. Our customers are discerning cyclists and this option enables them to put their own stamp on our beautiful frames and share their designs with their social communities. We’re sure it will stimulate much creativity and discussion among them and their friends. We are giving anyone who registers their interest through PRISMA Studio the chance to win one of two free O2 frames this year,” says Rob Gitelis, owner of FACTOR Bikes.

For more information about the PRISMA Studio you can visiting FACTOR Bikes click here.

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