- - FFWD Launches New RAW Full Carbon Wheelsets

FFWD Launches New RAW Full Carbon Wheelsets

FFWD has launched a new collection of wheels labeled RAW, featuring carbon spokes and a newly designed tubeless-ready rim across three depths –  33mm, 44mm and 55mm.

“We proudly present the new RAW! Your entry to the next level of cycling that puts power into performance. Lighter rims, carbon spokes, CeramicSpeed bearings inside our superb hubs. The perfect mix in performance, exclusivity and reliability,” boasts FFWD.

As mentioned, a new feature of the RAW collection is the use of carbon fiber spokes, which FFDW says not only results in a nominal weight savings, but a 17% increase in stiffness as well.

To accommodate the carbon spokes, the RAW collection gets a redesigned hub that was developed in collaboration with Ceramic Speed, which needless to say, is treated to Ceramic Speed’s bearings, as well as a new internal ratcheting freehub body, while FFWD decided to stick with the reliability of a hooked rim construction.

“We want our road wheels to be compatible with the majority of available tires and tire sizes. With hooked rims you can pick any tire set-up: tubeless, a traditional tube/tire combination, or a smooth cotton tire with a latex inner tube,” explains FFWD.

The RAW collection is available in either a matte or gloss black finish that’s exclusive to the collection, with all wheelsets selling for the same price of €2,499.

  • RAW 33 – 1,350g
  • RAW 44 – 1,395g
  • RAW 55 – 1,460g





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